Top Cloud IaaS Use Cases

Bryson Hopkins
Top Cloud IaaS Use Cases


There’s no question the cloud is taking off in the enterprise, allowing businesses to scale, globalize and bring new services and products to market faster than they ever dreamed. According to Synergy Research Group, cloud leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, SoftLayer and Google saw their year-to-year revenue grow by 84% in Q2 2015. These cloud giants have also picked up some impressive customers. Here are some of their more newsworthy cloud Infrastructure-as a-Service (IaaS) use cases.

Things Go Better With the Cloud

Among SoftLayer’s biggest wins has been Coca Cola Amitil (CCA), one of the top five Coca Cola bottlers in the world. Beverage market demand is seasonal, with peaks in hot weather or during major events, and troughs during cold seasons ̶ with corresponding peaks and valleys in the bottler’s customer planning and relationship system workloads. Supporting a peak-load infrastructure was becoming too expensive for CCA. This presented a perfect use case for the SoftLayer’s scalability and pay-as-you-go architecture. CCA transitioned systems to two Australia-based SoftLayer data centers for development and production testing.

“The move to SoftLayer provides us with a game changing level of flexibility, resiliency and reliability essential to service our customer needs,” says Barry Simpson, Group CIO at Coca-Cola Amatil.

Location, Location, Location

AWS snagged Time Inc., which has seen tremendous growth in its digital properties, not to mention a print audience of 120 million. Running five data centers is not the best use of the company’s time, money and real estate, case in point: its New York data center takes up the 21st floor of the Time Life Building in midtown Manhattan ̶ perhaps the most expensive real estate in the world. A former Amazon employee, Colin Bodell, Time CTO and EVP, chose AWS for its price performance, speed to market and wealth of services, not to mention the partner ecosystem. According to Bodell, Time has moved over all of its U.K. systems to AWS, going from a hosting cost of $70,000 to $17,000 per month, and half its U.S. customer-facing applications, eliminating two of its own data centers.

“The speed of development has really picked up tremendously with so much power at our fingertips,” said Bodell.

The Cloud Cure

Microsoft Azure cloud was a perfect choice for GE Healthcare, a provider of medical imaging, drug discovery and patient monitoring systems, among other healthcare services. All these services require tremendous compute power, storage capacity and connectivity performance. GE chose Azure largely for its HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which commits Microsoft to adhere to certain security and privacy provisions set forth in HIPAA and the HITECH Act. The openness of the Azure platform also allows GE to continue working with its current tools, and delegate service operation and platform updates to Microsoft. One of its biggest beneficiaries has been GE’s new cloud-based Centricity 360 Case Exchange, which provides secure real-time collaboration, image and data exchange among dispersed physicians in different healthcare settings. The elasticity and real time aspects of the cloud solution let geographically-separated providers respond more rapidly to critical situations such as trauma or stroke.

“By running our image exchange software in the cloud, we can help doctors collaborate more easily and quickly on treatment plans.” says Jeanine Banks, general manager of commercial cloud solutions at GE Healthcare.

All of these IaaS-based case studies illustrate the innovation that can be achieved when enterprises interconnect to cloud services. Here at Equinix, we see the same types of enterprise innovation in our dense ecosystem of IaaS providers, including AWS, Azure, SoftLayer and Google, as they seamlessly interconnect their enterprise customers to their cloud services via the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

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