Challenges in the New World Order: Q and A With GSA Misha Tchernuhin

misha-250pxIn the first part of our interview with Misha Tchernuhin, he spoke of the challenges that enterprises and cloud and services providers face in the new world order of the digital economy. In this second part of our interview, Misha talks about notable customer interconnection use cases and the new requirements for interconnection that enterprises and service providers are facing.

What customer use cases truly demonstrate innovation and winning strategies within Equinix?

We listen to the demands of our customers in each vertical market and establish a base by learning and positioning pertinent solutions. We then innovate with our customers to bring sustainable, competitive value to their businesses. The desire of our customers to collaborate and the confidence they express in our ability to deliver is a blessing, but it is also a continuous responsibility. Ultimately, it is an opportunity to become unique and valuable partner for our customers.

For example, one of our premier NSP customers, Zayo Group, has embraced the interconnectivity model of serving their on-net and off-net enterprises in the U.S., Canada and EMEA within Equinix. Its strategy and execution are supported by scalable Equinix Metro Connect, Ad-IX, Internet Exchange and Cloud Exchange solutions – all with 10 to 100 Gbps connectivity options.

Not only did Zayo support Equinix’s reputation and market leadership in interconnection density, retail-secure colocation, multi-cloud adoption and low latency, but it leveraged Equinix’s proven technical expertise to support their implementation in a timely manner, which helped satisfy their customers.

Another example involves a Fortune 50 enterprise that decided to take the destiny of its DevOps strategy into its own hands. Along with our technical consultancy, the company deployed cloud access to DevOps applications using Equinix Cloud Exchange and Data Hub solutions, based on 100 Gbps point-to-point WAN interconnectivity, big data storage and analytics, and Azure ExpressRoute PaaS. All of this is supported by the Equinix Interconnection Platform™, with the highest security, closest proximity, and lowest latency to “data gravity” points and with user-to-application centricity in mind. This enterprise is now equipped to operate in the eCommerce realm with advanced on-premises/off-premises analytical engines supplemented by targeted ads to shoppers’ smartphones.

What new interconnection requirements are developing within your customer base?

For the past 15 years, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) LAN standards “wagged the WAN dog” in transmission standards. Today, the requirements for multiple 10 Gbps Ethernet interfaces are the main staple of the Equinix interconnectivity business. For example, as the 40 Gbps demand bubble steadily dissolves into the fog of historic oblivion, only customers who buy 40 Gbps interfaces today are the ones who must defend their legacy 40 Gbps Ethernet investments.

As the economics of monolithic designs and the manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits ease us off the cutting-edge cliff and into the valley of the mainstream adoption comfort, 100 Gbps Ethernet and WAN interconnectivity have become the new digital “dial tone” of the modern digital economy. Such interfaces are equally applicable in the data center LAN, on one end of the spectrum, and submarine systems super-networks, on the other end.

I do not foresee our customers adopting anything faster than redundant (per site) 100 Gbps Ethernet interconnections in 2016. However, with the speed of innovation in optics-electrics-optics transmission technology, I would not be surprised to see our customers’ requirements for “super-channels” of 400 – 500 Gbps become all the rage. This time, the WAN will “wag” the LAN interfaces. I see these interfaces as the answer to constantly burgeoning traffic born in digital video (on-demand and Internet), the Internet of Things (IoT), computer-aided design and social networking applications.

But what really moves the needle from nominal to hyper-connectivity is the growing demand for application performance that defines a user’s quality of experience (QoE). That high QoE is the top priority for any NSP or enterprise decision-making process and the principal reason that Equinix GSAs design interconnection with established and developing ecosystems, such as IoT and ePayment that make use of our Internet Exchange, Ad-IX and Cloud Exchange solutions.

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