The Cloud Points Providers and Enterprises Toward an Interconnected Future


In a world of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), fast, secure and reliable multi-cloud interconnections are becoming an absolute must for enterprises and their cloud and network service providers. That’s why to survive, cloud and network services providers and their enterprise customers must have an interconnection-first strategic mindset.

Connection is vital to the success of any cloud strategy and one-to-one connection is not enough. The industry needs interconnection, the ability for leading businesses and service providers to come together and connect in many locations in many ways – connecting multiple clouds across multiple geographies using multiple forms of access. By enabling the “interconnected cloud,” cloud and network services providers can take the essential next step toward driving truly transformative business innovation and value creation, and build a path to greater revenue for themselves and their customers.


According to a recent white paper we unveiled at PTC’16, “The Home of the Interconnected Cloud: Where Service Providers and Enterprises Meet to Grow and Innovate Together,” to deploy a successful “interconnected cloud” strategy, you need an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) and interconnection platform, such as Platform Equinix.

An IOA is a proven and repeatable engagement model that both enterprises and solution providers can leverage to directly and securely connect people, locations, clouds and data. It shifts the fundamental IT delivery architecture from siloed and centralized to interconnected and distributed. The right interconnection platform provides the critical building blocks and services, required to implement an IOA™ and enable high-performance, secure and reliable cloud access and service delivery for a high-quality user experience.


How can service providers and enterprises alike implement a successful interconnected cloud strategy? The following are some of the ways we highlighted in the report:

  • Place your infrastructure in global interconnection destinations where you can deploy cloud, network or data access nodes in key metro locations and gain maximum cloud, network and enterprise density.
  • Take advantage of network and cloud provider choice and proximity interconnection hubs to deliver the greatest cloud access and interconnection scalability for the best price.
  • Harness data center infrastructure management tools that offer greater control, visibility and analysis of your cloud infrastructure and those of your customers.
  • Add greater value to your services and solutions by leveraging an interconnection platform inside of globally distributed, multi-tenant data centers, with multiple types of interconnection hubs and access to dense cloud, network and business ecosystems.

Learn more about deploying interconnected cloud strategies by downloading “The Home of the Interconnected Cloud: Where Service Providers and Enterprises Meet to Grow and Innovate Together.”