Equinix Helps BlueJeans Deliver Faster On-Ramp to Video

Josh Sordelet
Equinix Helps BlueJeans Deliver Faster On-Ramp to Video


Face-to-face video is a rapidly expanding business communications medium because it helps companies build stronger cultures and improve collaboration. Simplicity, reliability, scalability, security and flawless connectivity are just some of what companies in this space must deliver to satisfy global customers. BlueJeans has chosen Equinix and our Cloud Exchange to help them do that.

Since deploying with Equinix, BlueJeans’ cloud-based video platform has hosted participants from 12,000 cities in 200 countries on seven continents. They’re on a 1 billion-meeting-minutes-per year pace and have pulled in 25 million overall participants.

Interconnection is powering the changing state of enterprise-grade video, and BlueJeans is finding it at Equinix. We’re helping them connect with any device and enable companies around the globe to collaborate with world-class video communications – key elements of BlueJeans’ accelerated growth plan and differentiation.

“Equinix Cloud Exchange is like rocket fuel for BlueJeans,” said Dan Nater, BlueJeans’ vice president of operations. “It helps businesses adopt video faster within their organizations through a reliable, secure connection”

An Enterprise Push

BlueJeans partnered with Equinix to help deliver video communications people love and empower businesses to securely manage, customize and scale their video strategy with a service that IT leaders trust.

The BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud is a secure, global platform and extensible architecture that extends a video culture across colleagues, partners and customers. Key customer benefits of the BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud include:

  • A consistent, familiar interface and workflow for meetings and events.
  • Powerful management tools, flexible deployment options, custom branding and extensive support services.
  • Integration with applications, messaging platforms, and room solution hardware.

A few factors were critical in BlueJeans’s decision to go with Equinix during its ongoing enterprise push.

Our presence in 40 global markets was a draw, as was the proven operational reliability of Platform Equinix™ (global uptime of 99.9999%). Equinix’s cloud and network density and vendor-neutrality offered the flexibility and choice that comes with access to more than 1,100 networks and carriers. And, of course, there was the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which enables direct virtual connections to multiple clouds simultaneously from a single port.

BlueJeans deployed with Equinix in Amsterdam, Silicon Valley and Ashburn, Va., and began building an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA) as it ramped up its enterprise appeal. Put simply, IOA provides BlueJeans a more flexible approach to delivering services to their customers. It decentralizes and distributes IT, giving BlueJeans the agility to get closer to end users, for lower latency and superior application performance.

Cloud Exchange is the key component of the BlueJeans IOA. Cloud Exchange provides direct connection to more than 500 clouds inside Equinix, including leading public cloud providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure/Office 365. Direct, close interconnection with providers and markets means superior connectivity, which is essential to expansion in the enterprise market. In fact, BlueJeans is expecting a 30% increase in meeting connection reliability through Cloud Exchange versus the public Internet. Direct connections through the exchange are also more secure, and the increased safety and speed available through Cloud Exchange comes without any costly infrastructure build-out.

Not Just For Now

Designing an IOA by using Platform Equinix isn’t just the best solution for BlueJeans now, it also prepares them for future growth. Equinix runs 145-plus data centers on five continents, and we’re committed to greater data center expansion wherever the demand takes us. Access to the right networks, the right cloud providers and the right markets via an IOA will only get more robust as we expand our Platform Equinix footprint.

BlueJeans is aiming for a big future in the enterprise market. With Equinix, it can be confident it will be ready for it.

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