Together, EMC and Equinix Enable the Hybrid Cloud


This week’s EMC World 2016 is focused on helping “IT practitioners and business decision-makers modernize, automate and transform” their data center technologies and strategies. With more businesses consuming cloud services every day, the cloud will be a key focus at this year’s conference, where more than 129 sessions will be dedicated to discussing how EMC customers and partners can expand their businesses by moving to the cloud.

While the benefits of the cloud have become apparent to business and IT decision-makers, many are not completely comfortable migrating all of their data and applications to something that they are not quite sure they can control. This is especially true in regions where data sovereignty and security are major factors. This is where hybrid cloud deployments become a viable and popular solution for businesses. In fact, RightScale study shows that 82% of enterprises currently have a hybrid cloud strategy.

Hybrid clouds give customers the ability to choose what data can exist on a public or hosted cloud and what data must stay in on-premise data centers for greater security. This option is very attractive to enterprises, small-to-medium business and public/governmental sectors. Solutions such as hybrid cloud private storage, which is offered by EMC and Equinix, are good examples of how companies can leverage the scalability of the cloud, while meeting data security, regulatory or audit requirements.

Where do partners fit in?

In many cases, companies are finding it difficult to deploy and manage these complex cloud environments and are looking to service providers to help them address the challenges that come with building and managing hybrid cloud environments. With multiple cloud service providers and the complexity of hybrid cloud environments, it can be a challenge for most organizations to manage and control the various aspects of a multi-cloud ecosystem while retaining the flexibility to choose best-in-class cloud services. These customer issues present massive opportunities for partners. This may involve standing up a private cloud for a customer and hooking them into public cloud, or a hosting service provider’s cloud. This allows customers to take advantage of lower-cost cloud economics, while still keeping their most important data safe in their own data center.

Many businesses want to move to the cloud or a hybrid solution, but aren’t sure where to start. Expert consulting organizations, such as Equinix’s Professional Services for Cloud, can guide these customers through the process of designing and deploying a cloud solution or integrating value-added services with other partners, such as EMC, or public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure AWS or Google.

Harnessing global presence and cloud ecosystem

Together, Equinix, EMC, and an expanding ecosystem of public cloud partners and other service providers are enabling the journey to hybrid cloud. Enterprises can deploy private cloud storage strategies using hybrid clouds across Equinix’s global platform of more than 145 data centers in more than 40 markets worldwide, where they also gain access to 500-plus cloud service providers. By teaming up with Equinix and EMC, service providers can deliver private storage cloud solutions to their customers that will drive additional cloud consumption and revenue for their value-added services. Most importantly, private data can stay secure and in compliance, while both enterprises and service providers can leverage the flexibility and agility of the cloud to grow their businesses.

To learn more about how Equinix can help you deploy and manage hybrid cloud and private storage cloud environments, be sure to visit us this week at EMC World 2016, booth 438.