Celebrating Award-Winning IT Transformation

Phil Schwarzmann

Dave Neitz

One of the biggest rewards of working with so many great enterprises on their IT transformation strategies is to see the innovation they bring to their industry and the world. That’s why we are offering our heartiest congratulations to our customer David Neitz, CDM Smith’s chief information officer, the recipient of this year’s MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award. David and his IT organization are enabling CDM Smith to lead the way in leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D virtual, augmented reality/holographic simulation and interconnection to transform the engineering/construction industry.

CDM Smith is a leading engineering and construction firm that provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide. David is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s Business Technology practice, including a transformative Digital Capital strategy that creates value and delivers business outcomes. His focus on innovation has resulted in the application of new disruptive technologies and processes that capture digital assets and provide new visualization and collaboration capabilities, resulting in superior results for the firm’s clients.

The environmental engineering and construction sector is facing an inflection point: technology and the availability of data are disrupting the way infrastructure projects are designed, built and operated. This is creating unprecedented opportunities for project owners to drastically improve the return on taxpayers’ and stockholders’ investments in infrastructure.

David said collaboration with CDM Smith clients and joint venture partners is at the heart of their success in driving innovation within the industry. His IT organization is responsible for delivering an architecture that supports seamless and integrated collaboration experiences across internal and external programs to deliver business excellence and client service. At the same time, his organization is demonstrating the value of new technologies and approaches – such as cloud computing, sensors and mixed reality.

Today, CDM Smith is using drones, sensors, submersibles, 3D virtual and augmented reality/holographic simulations to help the company and its clients experience design and construction in a collaborative and efficient way. For example, CDM Smith flew sensor-equipped drones over a previously inaccessible hazardous waste site to collect new data and modeled a more effective solution as a result.

Interconnecting to Innovate

CDM Smith’s commitment to innovation is engrained in the company, from its weekly innovation meetings to its ongoing dedication to transforming its IT capabilities to support its business ambitions. For example, David and his team knew they would need a high-performance and scalable interconnection infrastructure to drive faster data access and processing, and more quickly analyze and return data so customers could get immediate insights and make the right decisions quickly.

They invested in firm-wide improvements, such as re-architecting their global corporate network based on Equinix’s Performance Hub and Cloud Exchange for higher-performing and scalable collaboration across their 160 global offices via an interconnected, hybrid cloud environment.

Now, their engineers can process optioneering and construction simulation models 20 times faster, delivering better client solutions in less time. This new interconnected architecture enables CDM Smith to develop multiple simulation and testing iterations, which in turn gives their customers the ability to find the best solution for meeting their business requirements. In addition, it provided them with an integrated and flexible interconnection infrastructure that supports new compute models that allow them to bring more innovative customer solutions to market faster.

This more competitive and lower-cost network also saved CDM Smith 25% in annual total cost of ownership. They also reduced latency interconnecting to the cloud by 38% and lowered costs by delivering 2.5 times more bandwidth per employee at the same OPEX.

According to David, “The innovations this architecture has enabled for us and our customers is transforming how infrastructure engineering projects are designed, built and operated.”

Again, congratulations to CDM Smith and David for receiving this honor and delivering award-winning innovation to the engineering/construction industry.

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