Introducing Our Global Agents of the Year

Jim Farmer
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We’ve seen significant growth in the Equinix Channel Partner Program since our launch in March 2015, and this year we’re building on that success with the creation of the first annual channel partner awards. These awards publicly recognize contributors who are helping our program thrive. The 2016 honorees are:

  • Master Agent of the Year: Bridgepointe Technologies
  • Agent of the Year: Sumo Communications

To learn more about the program, Interconnections connected with Dick O’Hara, Equinix’s senior director of worldwide partner sales, Bridgepointe co-founder Scott Evars and Sumo president Bret Hickenlooper.

Dick, can you tell us a little about how the channel partner program works, and why we decided to honor some of our contributors?

Our partners get the run of Platform Equinix. They get access to a mix of literally hundreds of network, IT and cloud providers. They can go wherever we are, and that includes 40 markets on five continents. They can also resell and refer Equinix services. All this gives them a chance to develop and sell various IT services. That helps them create new revenue streams, and it helps us by drawing more enterprises onto our platform.

We created these awards because the work that sales agents and master sales agents are collaborating with us on in order to deliver IT solutions to the enterprise is truly exceptional. We wanted to step back and take a moment to celebrate their contributions.

Scott, can you tell us a little about your company and your general reaction to receiving this award?

Bridgepoint has been around about 14 years now. We’re based in San Mateo, just down the highway from Equinix headquarters. In a nutshell, we are technology infrastructure experts. We’re vendor agnostic, and we help companies partner with solution providers across cloud, data, colocation, voice, mobile and collaboration. So they can go through us to build the right solutions for their clients and find the right support.

We’re proud of this recognition by Equinix, and we’re proud to be one of Equinix’s premier distribution partners. We work with a lot of service providers, and we know that when we work with Equinix we’re delivering them superior data center facilities, with world-class interconnection and cloud provider ecosystems. It makes it easier to make our customers happy.

The same question for you, Bret. We’re interested in what Sumo does, and how you feel about getting this award.

We’re very excited about it. Sumo has been around since 2001, and we help our clients implement data center and WAN (wide area network) infrastructures all over the world.

We partner with Equinix because their data centers have a tremendous reputation for quality, and that’s obviously important. Their global footprint also enables us to push our clients’ data and resources closer to their end users, and that’s essential for the superior performance our enterprise customers require and expect. We’ve trusted Equinix with some of our largest customer deployments, so it’s great to be recognized by an important partner, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Equinix for a long time.

Dick, can you give us a preview of what the channel partner program might look like for the rest of 2016 and heading into 2017?

Our agent business has seen a tremendous uptick over the last year, and we see that trend continuing well into 2017. I’m especially excited that our partner community is understanding and leveraging our strategy to become an interconnected enterprise, known as the Interconnection Oriented Architecture. They are positioning it well with enterprise customers, and it’s meeting their needs to connect people, locations, clouds and data. All in all, we’re optimistic about the future of the program, and we’re all looking forward to what’s ahead.

Jim Farmer
Jim Farmer Director - Americas Partner and Federal Marketing