Take our Reader Survey for a Chance to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Phil Schwarzmann


So…what’s up with you?

As the Interconnections blog launches our new reader survey, that’s no rhetorical question.

We enjoy bringing you valuable insight, information and lessons learned through Interconnections. But as we continue to track trends and best practices and share what’s on our minds, we want to check in with you to make sure we’re providing you with interesting and entertaining content that helps you and your company grow and succeed. Ultimately, our readers are the only people who can tell us if we’re getting the job done, and that’s why we’re asking.

Please take a few minutes to take the survey.

It’s fast, and asks just a few basic questions to find out more about you, how often you visit, and the topics you like to read about. There’s one open-ended question that requests your insights and recommendations. We’d greatly appreciate it if you took some time to fill it out.

And as a bonus, we’re offering $50 Amazon gift cards to 10 survey takers chosen at random.

So do let us know what’s up with you, and thanks for taking a bit of your valuable time to help Interconnections improve!

Phil Schwarzmann
Phil Schwarzmann Social Media Engagement Manager