Equinix Data Center Renovation – TY1, a new look at the old beauty

Phil Schwarzmann

2016 has been a good year for Equinix in Japan.

In December of last year, Equinix completed its acquisition of the leading Japanese data center provider Bit-isle and its six facilities, turning Equinix into the fourth largest data center operator in Japan.

Earlier this year, we also opened a brand new US$43 million data center TY5 in Tokyo, doubling our footprint in Japan in a bid to meet the strong demand from financial services enterprises, cloud and content providers for data center and interconnection services.

In the same way that we understand our customers’ needs for interconnection services, we also understand how they value their entire experience with Equinix. It is why we have re-visited our very first data center (TY1) in Japan to give it a stylish and modern makeover. And it is now ready to welcome guests from home and abroad!

Can’t wait to know to find out? Check out the “before-and-after” looks of TY1.

The Reception




The Customer Lounge





The Conference Room