And Soon There Will Be Four…

Jeremy Deutsch
And Soon There Will Be Four…

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Over 600 companies in Australia now call Equinix’s Sydney Campus home.

These enterprises, networks and cloud providers all plugged into Equinix’s IBX facilities in Sydney have made ours the most interconnected group of data centres in Australia. It’s something we’re incredibly humbled by, and something we strive to build on.

As Sydney fast becomes a digital economy hotspot, and demand for colocation facilities increases locally, we’ve responded by building a fourth IBX data centre in Sydney, SY4.

Opening officially later this month, it’s a US$97 million investment, and a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with world-class facilities in which to interconnect.

We’re now seeing more and more enterprises actively looking for the best way to leverage their architectures and capitalise on hybrid and public cloud services. They’re recognising the limitations of their on-premise data centres, and looking for other alternatives.

In the future, we can only expect this trend for colocation to continue, particularly as the Internet of Things (IoT) gains momentum in the enterprise environment and on-premise data centres are consolidated.

What I find interesting is looking at the connections within our data centres as a representation for what’s occurring in IT more generally. Australian companies are becoming increasingly inter-dependent, and they’re using our centres as a platform in which to grow their business, and offer new levels of digital services to both internal and external customers. They’re also building rich ecosystems together, driving increasing benefit for all involved.

Our Sydney data centres are the only place where companies can set up direct links to both of the continent’s two largest peering points along with having direct access to the Southern Cross Cable Head, a trans-Pacific network of telecommunications cables, and the PIPE Pacific Cable. We have already announced this year that we will soon be adding the Hawaiki cable and later the Trident cable system, opening up even more opportunities for our customers to interconnect.

While I can’t go into much more detail yet, SY4 is almost ready for launch and we’re already seeing some of the world’s biggest brands set up their infrastructure inside.

There’s a lot more to come in SY4, but for now, here’s a quick preview of the construction of SY4…

Jeremy Deutsch
Jeremy Deutsch President - Asia Pacific at Equinix