SY4: Why Equinix Should Be Your Location Too

Jeremy Deutsch


In his address at the official opening of Equinix’s new data centre, SY4, Jonathan O’Dea, Parliamentary Secretary for Trade in NSW, described the city of Sydney as a burgeoning, global, ICT leader.

Drawing links between Equinix’s US$97million investment in the SY4 data centre, and the NSW Government’s own commitment to innovation, MP O’Dea also stressed the importance of connecting Australian businesses to customers and partners throughout the world.

To quote MP O’Dea directly, “Equinix SY4 supplies not just government but a whole range of organisations with infrastructure that will help our economy.”

By 2020, Australia’s digital economy is expected to grow from five per cent to twenty-two per cent of the country’s total economy, a rise which MP O’Dea says, highlights the importance of facilities such as SY4.

SY4 is a significant investment from Equinix, and a significant investment for the state of New South Wales. Australia is, and will continue to be, an important market for us because local businesses are innovating as fast as some of the biggest players in the world.

But why should you consider Equinix, particularly SY4, as part of your growth, innovation or IT strategy? What distinguishes Equinix data centres from the rest?

  1. Equinix’s Sydney campus is now the most interconnected in Australia

The Equinix Sydney campus is a business hub for 600 companies, including 140 network service providers (NSPs) and more than 225 Cloud and IT service providers, creating the most interconnected group of data centres in Australia. To date, SY4 already houses more than 20 customers, including Servers Australia, Zettagrid, Connectivity IT, and the Grex Group.

In our Sydney campus, tenants can connect directly to any of the major cloud and network providers in the market, as well as to their customers and partners already inside Equinix.

  1. The Internet’s most significant super-highways on ramp at Equinix

In 2016, more undersea cables have been laid than in the last five years combined, with Equinix capturing a large portion of that market. Today, there are some 50 subsea cable projects in existence, and many have points of presence in Equinix data centres.


From our Sydney campus, companies can set up direct links to both of the continent’s two largest Internet peering points, along with the Southern Cross Cable Head, the PIPE Pacific Cable, the soon to be launched Hawaiki cable, and the new Trident subsea cable. These cables are the “plumbing” powering the internet as we know it, and with SY1 and SY4 being key on ramp points for these transoceanic cable systems, facilitating global connectivity for our customers is an easy process.


  1. Redundancy and Resilience


Equinix has utilised an N+1 architecture when building our SY4 facility. This enables us to constantly maintain services during faults of any particular unit, and helps us to concurrently maintain the facility so we can keep the engine going the whole time without having any downtime for our customers.


Equinix runs its facilities 24/7, 365 days a year. Equinix’s ongoing uptime and resilience performance continue to be one of the foundation reason companies chose to host their mission critical applications at Equinix.

  1. Proximity to the CBD


Located within six kilometres of Sydney’s Central Business District, SY4, like Equinix’s other Australian data centres, was built for convenience and proximity to customers and established network links.


Ours are not desolate data centres, but rather, extensions of our customers’ environments, that are more often than not, humming with activity. We want our customers to feel at ease and at home, so our IBXs also have on-site facilities like break-out and recreation rooms where they can relax and unwind if they find themselves onsite for long hours.


  1. Equinix’s global and local footprint


Offering sites in both Sydney and Melbourne enables our customers to have the diversity of choice to use both hubs as either primary data centres, or as back-ups for disaster recovery services. With Sydney and Melbourne being the two key ICT hubs for Australia.


Customers such as Servers Australia for example, are benefiting from increased geo-redundancy by leveraging both locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Together with our growing local presence, a great flow-on advantage for Equinix’s Australian customers too is our ability to leverage more than 145 data centres globally and the lessons that come from running them. No other provider has the global footprint of Equinix, so we’re uniquely positioned in this way, to offer our customers the best service available.