How to Expand Critical Connections With Partners You Already Trust


The four walls of the enterprise fell away a while ago. It’s just impossible today for a company to fully exploit the cloud’s agility when its IT is trapped in a corporate data center. And there’s also no way achieve the kind of connectivity that meets your end users’ expectations for service delivery and application performance if you can’t get close to them.

This is the interconnected era, and success depends on an enterprise’s ability to instantly collaborate with anyone, from anywhere. That means businesses must be able to connect to the right partners in the right places, whether they’re across the data center aisle or across a continent. And they need to be able to find those partners or expand established relationships in a simple, cost-effective way.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match

Equinix Marketplace is a free service offered to and powered by Equinix’s 8,000-strong customer ecosystem. Companies visit Marketplace to find the products, services and partners they need to do business. They can customize an online storefront to draw highly qualified buyers and grow revenues. And they can make it all easier with our Matchmaker analytics engine.


Matchmaker is insightful, but it’s not complicated. It basically does exactly what the name promises by bringing together businesses seeking colocation and interconnection opportunities.


We know who the buyers and sellers are in our extensive business ecosystem in more than 40+ metros worldwide. Matchmaker helps inform all of our customers about those opportunities and opens up their ability to expand existing relationships to new places.

So, for example, Customer A might do business with Firm B in our New York metro. But Customer A might not know Firm B is also with us in our London metro. Matchmaker provides that information, and Customer A now has the chance to grow their business by expanding their relationship with a trusted partner in a new metro.


We also know which metros are shared by the companies on Platform Equinix that already do business with each other, so we can help them expand their interconnection opportunities where they already are.

Say Content Provider A is directly connected via a cross connect to Network Services Provider (NSP) B in our Dallas metro. But Content Provider A might not know NSP B is also in 15 other Equinix metro locations where Content Provider A is also colocated. Once Matchmaker provides that information, the two companies can expand their relationship in a host of metros with a partner they have confidence in. All it takes is a cross connect in a metro where they are both colocated.

In short, Matchmaker helps our customers build their business by building on existing relationships. They get the information in real time, download Matchmaker reports and can act quickly to expand known synergies, or build new ones.

Matchmaker is a unique offering in the industry, and it is firmly in Equinix’s area of expertise because it increases the collaboration and interconnection we’ve been delivering since our founding, and which has become so crucial to succeeding in today’s global digital economy. Register today and join the Marketplace

Read more about the importance of colocation and interconnection in the Gartner report, “Colocation-Based Interconnection.”