Equinix Wins HR Asia Best Companies to Work for Award

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Hard work, and a little magic, inspires teamwork, creates close relationships and increases productivity

Equinix has tremendously engaged and enthusiastic employees. And, one of the ways we communicate, coordinate and consolidate our employee value proposition is through an initiative that is literally called, “The Magic of Equinix.”

Whether you believe in magic or not, the approach has worked very well. According to HR-Asia’s most recent survey, covering three pillars – Heart, Mind and Soul – our people rated the company highly in all three areas. That is far higher than the industry average, and led to Equinix Singapore being named as one of HR-Asia’s “Best Companies to Work for in Asia.”

Building Talent Culture

Naturally, it’s an honor to be named by HR Asia as one of the very best. Our business is all about people, and more valued, inspired and empowered employees are not only healthier and happier, they help drive company growth.

Equinix has a strong commitment to building a global talent culture through a relentless focus in four key areas: Leadership, Development, Recognition and Culture. This is geared towards creating sustainable value from the inside out.

Take onboarding, for example. It’s a perfect opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression on a new hire, and also a critical part of an effective talent management strategy. Our comprehensive onboarding framework covers the new hire’s critical first 30, 60 and 90 days with the organization.

And recently, we launched the Equinix Ambassador Program to help our people to understand, internalize and then communicate important facts about the company, our culture and customers.

We provide Ambassadors with coaching on how to tell our story in relevant and compelling ways to a variety of audiences. So they are always prepared, whether they are talking to other employees, family and friends, as well as to business partners, customers and anyone else they happen to meet.

Work-Life Balance and Employee Wellness

People who feel contented with their personal lives are usually more satisfied with their careers, and perform better. That’s so important that Equinix is committed to driving programs that contribute to the overall wellness of our employees.

Some of the most popular and successful initiatives include sporting events such as badminton, basketball and bowling nights as well as guitar lessons and health education. They are complemented by staff engagement activities, such as Family Days and overseas team building activities, as well as a robust, company-wide CSR program.


The impact of work-life balance has been tremendous. Bringing our people together helps cement the spirit of teamwork, create a closer bonding and friendships, and increase productivity.


Past, Present and Future

Individually each of these initiatives is important. Together they represent a recipe that helps us to foster a culture that is built upon respect, trust and empowerment.

And we aren’t finished yet. One of the newest initiatives we’ve rolled out is called Magical Mentions.

Magical Mentions (Jayakannan Adaikalasamy) 2

Magical Mentions (Kimberly Leong) 2

Everyone likes to be recognized for their contributions. Magical Mentions makes it easy for anyone to give – and receive – kudos at Equinix.

The process is quick and easy. If anyone sees some extraordinary employees doing some extraordinary things, they can take a moment to submit a mention of how they are living our values. That recognition will then appear on that employee’s own “Magical Mentions” page on Equinix intranet – The Hub. Others can join in by liking anyone else’s comments about a colleague.

Our extraordinary people are the heart of Equinix’s culture, values and success, and make it an extraordinary place to work. And there is every reason to hope that Equinix will make the HR Asia “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” list again next year.

All it takes is commitment, hard work and a little magic!