The Interconnected Fabric Emerges: 2017 Connected Enterprise Prediction #3

More services and applications are being connected to different cloud vendors and services, as well as back to internal legacy IT systems and infrastructures. IT organizations need to design, orchestrate and manage the various ways all of these components interconnect in a purposeful manner. It’s why we’re predicting the emergence of the interconnect fabric in 2017.

In Gartner’s July 2016 report, “Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the ‘Glue’ for Advanced Digital Business Applications,”[i] Gartner analyst Bob Gill explains how a data center interconnect fabric works in the enterprise:

“We propose that topology, technology and design all favor building a digital business solution using colocation-based, programmable networking, which we will call ‘data center interconnect fabric,’ allowing dynamic interconnection between enterprise peers, cloud providers, communications providers and a growing marketplace of service providers.”

Within our Equinix data centers, we see enterprises moving to connect their digital and physical worlds to support their businesses around the globe. To achieve this, organizations require interconnection infrastructures that leverage an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy. An IOA strategy deploys high-speed, low-latency switching and API-based software-defined networking to establish more flexible and agile programmable, virtualized connections between enterprises and multiple networks and clouds.

As enterprises increasingly harness multiple cloud providers and services, it can be challenging to orchestrate and manage solutions across different cloud environments from different vendors. If a management structure is not in place early, these operational issues could start stacking up at a rapid speed, leading to severe issues impacting service delivery at the digital edge, where the majority of users, applications and data reside.

A number of challenges arise when orchestrating and managing multi-cloud infrastructures. But by deploying a ubiquitous, data center-interconnected fabric based on an IOA strategy, businesses can address them in the following ways:

  • Expanding global presence through a consistent data center and interconnection platform enables enterprises and service providers to quickly and consistently deploy new and replicated IT infrastructures out to the edge of their enterprise networks.
  • Deploying an interconnected fabric in carrier-neutral facilities enables greater access to dense ecosystems of network, cloud and business partners (without vendor lock-in), creating a central nervous system that connects all aspects of the digital business and synchronizes all activities. This strategy also facilitates the shift from a system-centric to user-centric IT infrastructure approach.
  • Shortening the distance between people, locations, clouds and data via proximate, high-speed, low-latency connectivity enables the performance and quality of service users expect. It also reduces the time-to-deployment and overall costs of provisioning and managing the data center interconnected fabric.
  • Providing direct and secure, private interconnection that bypasses the public internet ensures the necessary security and compliance required when interconnecting users, applications, data, analytics and the cloud.

As more enterprises consider re-architecting their IT infrastructures in 2017, they will move toward creating a data center interconnect fabric that is as flexible and agile as the dynamic digital assets that are being integrated within their businesses.

Read Gartner’s, “Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the ‘Glue’ for Advanced Digital Business Applications,” to see how to design and deploy a more manageable data center interconnected fabric for your digital business.

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[i] Gartner, “Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the ‘Glue’ for Advanced Digital Business Applications,” July, 2016.