Cloud, the Architectural Cornerstone

Jeremy Deutsch
Cloud, the Architectural Cornerstone


As end users demand access to data and applications from all locations, the ability to connect securely and quickly to a large variety of cloud service providers is growing increasingly important to Australian enterprises.

In fact, we have seen that this is now the cornerstone of CIO’s architectural decision making.

Whether it’s speed to market, the ability to innovate quickly or be more agile in new deployments, the benefits of cloud services are widely known.

Those who leverage hybrid cloud models also understand the enhanced security benefits, as well as the benefits that come from leveraging cloud access via a dedicated private access path – ensuring highest performance and consistent experience.

To keep up with the demand for multi-cloud services in Australia, at Equinix we’re focused on growing our interconnection solutions, enabling the diversity of cloud services that enterprises are pursuing today.

So much so, that this year, we announced over twenty new cloud service providers (CSPs) who had joined the Equinix Cloud Exchange across Sydney and Melbourne.

Among them, Access4, ASE, BroadSoft, Bulletproof, Cloud365, CloudCentral, Comscentre, Datacom, Fastrack Technology, Genisys, GCOMM, Hypernode, Interactive, Micron21, Nexon, OrionVM, RackCorp Secure Cloud, Servers Australia, VMtech, Zadara Storage, Zettagrid are the latest CSPs to offer direct cloud connectivity services from Equinix’s Australian data centres.

This list adds to Equinix’s existing CSPs, including Amazon Web Services Direct Connect, IBM SoftLayer Direct Link, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Oracle Cloud FastConnect.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange is a compelling model to dynamically connect multiple clouds without the complexity, expense, and delay of provisioning several physical connections.

Simply put, it means that via a single, physical port, organisations can receive rapid provisioning to multiple CSPs.

We’re thrilled to be working with some of the most innovative CSPs in the market to ensure hybrid multi-cloud momentum continues in Australia, and enterprises have the connections they need for their IT transformations now and in the future.

The following table illustrates the new CSPs now accessible via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in Australia. We look forward to adding more providers a continuing to be the best location to deploy hybrid cloud solutions in Australia.

New CSPs Australia

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