Take A Look Inside a Financial Services Hub

Take A Look Inside a Financial Services Hub

The Equinix-based financial services ecosystem in New York is one of the most important financial services ecosystems in the world, bringing together the biggest players in the global markets for ever-faster transactions and connectivity.

This ecosystem grew over the last decade as the digitization of global markets put a premium on secure, instant, low-latency interconnection. Firms realized they needed a higher level of connectivity to safely transact business at the speeds required, and that meant being as close as possible to their industry’s vital components – execution venues, data sources, brokers, asset managers, etc. We worked to bring all those components together in New York and built an essential industry destination.

Now, our NY5 data center, one of the critical facilities in our FinServ ecosystem, is expanding as we make space for that ecosystem and our other New York customers to continue to grow. Phase 2 of NY5 opens in March. Here’s some shots of this financial services hub.

The electrical room at NY5 powers the transactions of the biggest players in the world’s financial markets.


The map in our customer care space emphasizes the interconnection we offer in North America and worldwide. The colocation floor in the background is where that interconnection happens at NY5.


The customer area at NY5 includes a shared conference room and our distinctive red silo, which hosts a break area.


These generators at NY5 help us keep our promise to always be up and running.


This shot from above the colocation floor at NY5 was taken before our first wave of customers moved in. Phase 2 gives us more space for our financial services ecosystem and other customers.


We’ve seen a ton of sunrises and sunsets by now at NY5, a 24/7/365 facility.


We’re always alert and always vigilant at NY5.

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