How Virtualized IaaS Is Being ServedBy the Net at Equinix

Spending on public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hardware and software is forecasted to grow from $38 to $173 billion over the next decade, based on estimates by Statistic. Hyperscale IaaS providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and SoftLayer, Google and VMware vCloud Air dominate the cloud market, and managed cloud service providers (CSPs) play a significant role in enabling enterprise adoption of these platforms.

Like many enterprises, managed CSPs face challenges cost-effectively expanding their global footprint and enabling consistent high-performance and secure interconnection to a variety of cloud platforms worldwide. One managed CSP, ServedBy the Net, wanted to overcome these challenges and deliver its vCoNEx™ (cloud over the network extension) IaaS hosting and interconnection solution to enterprises on a broader national and global scale.


ServedBy the Net made its home base in Equinix’s Seattle data centers (SE2/SE3) and leveraged an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy to begin its IaaS managed service expansion. An IOA strategy, deployed on Platform Equinix™, is a proven and repeatable engagement model that both enterprises and service providers can leverage to directly and securely connect people, locations, clouds and data.

Expanding Global Cloud Presence

Fast and seamless expansion is critical for a managed CSP to deliver consistent performance, security and reliability, and to maintain service level agreements (SLA) for distributed enterprises and small-to-medium enterprises (SME) on a global scale. Joshua Breeds, ServedBy the Net’s founder, knew the best path for his company was to find a vendor-neutral, colocation and interconnection platform that supported the IaaS requirements of both his large enterprise and SME customers.

“Our customer base is spread pretty widely,” Breeds said. “And, given that we provide a lot of hosted, mission-critical enterprise solutions and application outsourcing, it’s better for us to be as close to our customers as possible.”

The company had multiple locations where it was seeing high customer expansion ̶ mainly in the Washington D.C. area and the United Kingdom. Breeds chose to expand into Equinix’s Ashburn, Va., and London data centers, where he was able to get direct and secure access to all of the company’s network and IaaS partners (i.e., AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air), as well as the enterprise customers that were vital to his company’s growth.

Shortening the Distance Between Clouds and Customers

Proximity to customers also addresses a common problem shared by many enterprises and CSPs – slow cloud application performance. Shortening the distance between its users and its multiple network and IaaS partners enabled ServedBy the Net to dramatically improve its global cloud service delivery performance. By upgrading their connections to their network partners inside of Equinix from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps, ServedBy the Net realized the aggregate effect of increasing their bandwidth by 100x and significantly lowered their latency between their IaaS interconnection infrastructure, cloud partners and customers.

And these shifts paid off for ServedBy the Net’s customers. One of its stock analysis customers realized a significant performance gain, reducing the time they needed to run market analysis in a hybrid cloud from 26 hours to four. And by leveraging the Equinix Cloud Exchange, they were able to provision high-speed, virtualized connections between their customers and cloud partners on demand.

“Now whenever a customer needs a change or to provision a new virtual circuit, it happens instantaneously,” Breeds said. “As far as our cloud access goes, the responsiveness has just skyrocketed.”

Enabling Secure IoT Through Network and Cloud Ecosystems

Managed CSPs also need proximate access to cloud and network partners to provide support for their customers’ mission-critical applications, such as securing IoT wireless communications. For example, SubTerra is a global engineering company specializing in mining, civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering. It monitors environmental factors that impact the health of critical infrastructure for a variety of government and enterprise agencies.

SubTerra uses ServedBy vCoNEx™ for its field instrumentation data collection system, which provides early warnings on potential landsides in mountain passes (see photo below). All of the monitoring data goes through wireless, mobile telemetry devices to the vCoNEx cloud to be processed and analyzed, so actions can be taken and alerts sent to authorities in real-time. The SubTerra code repositories are also backed up to an AWS S3 cloud for disaster recovery. SubTerra selected Verizon Wireless® as the carrier for their private network services, so the data travels point-to-point via a direct interconnection (avoiding the public internet) between Verizon Wireless and the vCoNEx infrastructure in Equinix data centers, ensuring reliable and secure delivery of the data.


Source: SubTerra Inc.

ServedBy the Net’s expansion via Equinix has allowed it to provide a wide-range of cloud applications and services with the performance and security that enterprises expect from leading managed CSP infrastructures and IaaS platforms, including hybrid cloud migration and disaster recovery. The company has accelerated global cloud enablement for itself and its customers through integrated solutions with multiple IaaS platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure or VMware vCloud Air) on an expanded, cohesive virtualized cloud access and interconnection infrastructure.

“Working with Equinix has given us the colocation and interconnection pillars we need to successfully expand the coverage of our IaaS virtualization solution,” Breeds said. “Equinix makes the whole process easier, and its reliability gives us the consistency required to provide our customers and partners with a unified, virtualized cloud ecosystem.”

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