Why our newest, largest data center in Latin America is your place for growth

Eduardo Carvalho


Equinix has experienced solid growth in Brazil, despite the country’s economic crisis and ongoing fiscal challenges. Our new data center near the city of São Paolo is proof of that.

Last week, I was pleased to open SP3, the largest Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Latin America. The facility is located in Santana de Parnaíba, a city in the São Paulo metro area, and will promote interconnection between the rich business ecosystems hosted on Equinix’s global platform. This direct and secure interconnection between diverse industry ecosystems is fundamental to business success in the digital economy. Check out some reasons why we see SP3 developing into an interconnection hub for Brazil, Latin America and the world.

São Paulo is a business and financial services hub

São Paulo is the seventh-largest city in the world, accounts for nearly a quarter of Brazil’s GDP on its own, and is home to 35 of the 100 largest Brazilian companies. Our three IBX data centers in São Paulo constitute an essential traffic hub in Brazil and are extremely important to a number of diverse business segments, especially the financial market.

SP3 is in the same neighborhood as a new data center built by the Brazilian stock exchange (BM&F Bovespa), the largest stock exchange in South America. That proximity guarantees the lowest latency in the market. Information between the key players can be exchanged more quickly, and direct connections to the dense cloud and telecom ecosystems on Platform Equinix™ allows us to provide greater transaction speed and consistency.


The largest data center in Latin America

The more than 65,600 square feet (20,000 square meters) of space inside SP3 is enough to accommodate the entire population of Santana de Parnaiba – about 125,000 people. Jeff Paschke, research director at the 451 Research Institute, confirms that SP3 is the largest commercial data center in Brazil and Latin America. The facility includes more than 26,000 square feet (8,000 square meters) of raised floor data center space, with room for 2,800 cabinets at full build. That would double Equinix’s capacity in Brazil. In the current first phase, there’s room for more than 700 cabinets.

Unrivaled interconnection opportunities

With the addition of SP3, our data centers in São Paulo are business hubs for more than 1,000 companies combined. Our SP2 and SP3 facilities will be linked by high-speed network connectivity ranging from 10 GB/s to 100 GB/s. This interconnection architecture is unprecedented in Latin America and will enable high-performance, cost-efficient connectivity for all our customers. Customers at SP3 will also be able to interconnect with companies hosted at Equinix’s facilities in Rio de Janeiro.

Inside our São Paulo data centers, customers have a variety of network services options, including those provided by more than 175 Internet Service Providers. Equinix customers can also find opportunities to drive their business by seamlessly connecting to customers and partners in a wide range of ecosystems, including financial services, cloud and digital content.


Energy efficiency

SP3 will have its own energy substation, and solar energy will supply power to our offices. We’ll also have treatment systems for rainwater and sewage reuse.

Our new data center will operate with a Power Usage Effectiveness ratio (which measures energy efficiency) of 1.35. Equinix has a reputation for excellent power reliability, and it is worth remembering the global average uptime for Equinix: 99.9999%.


Be part of the global digital transformation

The $69 million SP3 facility is our fifth data center in Brazil. We’re investing more and more in expanding our global platform, so companies can transform their IT and build and run digital businesses.

Companies in Brazil and around the world continue to re-architect their infrastructure to directly and securely interconnect people, locations, clouds and data, and they’re following an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy to do it.

An IOA strategy is a proven and repeatable architectural framework that both enterprises and service providers can leverage to transform into digital businesses.

Get step-by-step guidance on how to implement an IOA strategy by accessing the IOA Playbook.




Eduardo Carvalho
Eduardo Carvalho Managing Director / Presidente - Brasil