CIO Playbook Resolves Critical Barriers to Digital Transformation

CIO Playbook Resolves Critical Barriers to Digital Transformation


If you’re like most companies today, you’re scrambling to adapt to a seismic shift in the way business is conducted. Businesses are now engaging with their customers and partners via modern digital channels-mobile, chat, social and intelligent products in lieu of email or phone calls. Sound familiar?

Most enterprises understand this and are adapting to the new digital landscape, however, many business and IT leaders feel they aren’t moving fast enough or going far enough, and for the most part, they’re right. They see companies who have more quickly shifted to new digital technologies benefitting from a new environment of “connectedness” that gives them the ability to link people, processes, data and things in entirely new ways. And, according to Capgemini Consulting, businesses that have successfully re-architected their infrastructures to take advantage of today’s data-driven, IoT-enabled, multi/hybrid cloud world are significantly outperforming their peers on just about all financial fronts.

Speed your path to digital business via interconnection

Traditional IT organizations are straining to remain adept and relevant in a more dynamic digital era. The good news is, traditional IT, with some clear and surprisingly quick adjustments in process and implementation, can rise again to play a new and invaluable role within digital businesses. This includes the power to greatly improve internal customer satisfaction. In fact, most enterprise IT professionals already have crucial resources that can be repurposed to create a digital transformation platform. According to the World Economic Forum, these include “hard assets, brands, global distribution, customer relationships, data and decades of institutional know-how.”

The question for enterprises that want to take the leap toward digital transformation is not when, but how.


The time for a piecemeal approach to digital transformation has passed and, more importantly – it is unnecessary. Now there’s an easier and far more intuitive way to achieve digital business agility through interconnection. Modern digital businesses can leverage a mix of traditional on-premises applications and new SaaS and mobile apps that harness public cloud platforms for immediate scale and global flexibility. The sensible approach to making this hybrid IT environment work is by interconnecting it all together on a platform-neutral networking architecture that allows you to place the right applications close to the customer. Interconnection can transparently blend new and existing IT infrastructures into a single resource that will empower you to bring new innovations to market and capture business opportunities that were not previously possible.

An Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy is an interconnection-first approach to architecting your digital platform. An evolution of the model IT organizations already know, and are skilled to manage, it essentially prescribes:

  • Shortening the distance between users and services
  • Interconnecting ecosystems for localized exchanges
  • Strategically placing analytics adjacent to form a distributed digital edge

To compete as a digital business, you must understand and re-architect your IT infrastructure for the digital edge, where commerce, population centers and digital ecosystems meet. An IOA approach helps organizations provide fast, high-throughput, low-latency connectivity by simplifying network topologies – pushing centralized, point-to-point extensions out via a distributed model at the digital edge. It allows your business to seamlessly deliver applications and enhanced services to users, partners and providers via increasing points of engagement – across an increasingly distributed coverage area.

An IOA™ approach to IT empowers enterprises to react in real time at the digital edge, adapt quickly to change, and leverage digital ecosystems to create new business value and growth. To learn why interconnection is so critical to your digital transformation success, read the following CIO playbook, “The Interconnection Strategy Guide.”


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