Digital IT Is Transforming. Interconnection Is Needed.

Russell Poole
Digital IT Is Transforming. Interconnection Is Needed.


Sometimes it takes a while for real innovation to be recognized. For example, you could argue that the true value of personal computing was not realized with the launch of the IBM PC, as some say, but rather three years later with the arrival of the Apple Mac.

Why? Because Apple understood that personal computing wasn’t just about microprocessors and local storage – it was about layering other technologies on top of them to make them easier and more enjoyable to use. The components were there all along. All that was needed was the right vision.

Digital IT is transforming

We’re in the middle of another period of accelerating innovation caused by digital disruption. It’s the transformation of digital IT. Once again, we might ask ourselves, “Why is it now suddenly transformative, when digital IT has been with us for so long?”

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If the question is the same, so is the answer. It’s because several technologies have been brought together with vision to create entirely new possibilities. We’re talking here about developments that started outside the organisation – for instance, mobile devices, social media platforms and the Internet of Things – and we’re talking about developments inside it too. Big Data, scalable processing and storage, and perhaps most significant of all, cloud computing. Out of these components has grown the as-a-Service model – the ability for a company to meets its own needs and those of its customers in completely new ways. It’s the biggest shift yet towards putting business strategy fully in control of IT infrastructure rather than being hidebound by it. Yesterday, we did what was possible; today, we decide what’s possible. That’s why even the most established companies are being forced to respond.

The importance of interconnection

Dependable, high-speed connectivity between digital IT and users is what’s needed to underpin this digital IT transformation and enable greater innovation and opportunities. At London Tech Week (LTW) 2017, we’ll be hosting a day-long event entitled “Innovation Through Interconnection” on June 13 to discuss how enterprises can successfully implement a cloud-first strategy by re-architecting their traditional IT infrastructure from siloed systems to interconnected hubs. We’ll be joined by partners including, F5, Oracle, Datapipe and NCC to discuss how companies are adopting a cloud-first approach to deploying digital IT in an unpredictable business landscape. Worldwide brands such as Coca-Cola and online shopping site John Lewis will also be presenting on how they have future-proofed their businesses by bringing their IT and interconnectivity to the digital edge, where commerce, population centers and digital ecosystems meet.

Interconnection is key for all businesses in every industry. By taking advantage of a global, private and robust interconnection platform, organizations and service providers can create a stable and secure environment in which partners, cloud services and network providers can build a digital enterprise that brings data closer to their users and customers. This enables them to collaborate swiftly and effectively, test-bedding and rolling out innovations and decreasing time-to-market. Bringing data, content and collaboration apps out to the digital edge also decreases latency, improving the user experience and increasing productivity. Industry experts including Gartner have determined that with the global explosion of data, this closer connectivity at the digital edge is vital for success. Interconnection is no longer an afterthought. Businesses are proactively seeking to create a more agile, flexible and scalable digital IT service delivery infrastructure that better supports digital business goals.

Breaking down barriers

It’s a significant evolution. Digital transformation is breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities as employees, supply chain partners, customers and other stakeholders work together across boundaries and distance to share knowledge and do new things with it.

In our discussions at LTW, we’ll be looking in more detail at these opportunities and challenges for enterprises in the era of digital disruption. You’ll hear about best practices and get insights into the latest trends for success as a digital business.

Whether you are a technical business lead or a corporate strategist, you are most welcome at our event. Digital disruption cannot be ignored, and its impact could rival the ease-of-use innovations of personal computing. But don’t just take our word for it, come and join us at our London Tech Week event on Tuesday, June 13 – register here.

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