6 Interesting Facts & Photos from the new Equinix Data Center in Frankfurt

6 Interesting Facts & Photos from the new Equinix Data Center in Frankfurt




Yesterday, we officially opened our newest IBX data center in Frankfurt, FR6. Here are six interesting facts about FR6 and amazing impressions of the launch of our newest datacenter:

FR6 is the newest addition to Germany’s largest connected campus

FR6 is Equinix’s sixth data center on the Digital Campus in Frankfurt, located in immediate proximity to FR4 and FR5, and with optimized low-latency connections to FR1, FR2 and FR7. With more than 400 network providers and carriers from over 70 countries and access to five internet exchanges, the Digital Campus is the largest connected hub in Germany.

FR6 adds more than 6,600 m2 colocation space and 2,650 cabinets

On a gross floor area of 13,900 m2, the first phase of FR6 will add 6,600 m2 of colocation space and 2,650 cabinets. FR6 is designed for customers to meet the increasing demand for data-intensive applications that require IT deployments at the digital edge.

FR6 has an uptime record of > 99.9999%

Like all of Equinix’s IBX data centers, FR6 has a proven, industry-leading uptime record of over 99.9999%. This is ensured by 30 employees (working at both, FR4 and FR6) who work in three different shifts, 24 hours, seven days a week. And in the very unlikely event that the power supply fails, FR6 is equipped with a back-up system of transformers, generators, UPS and batteries.

FR6 is a gateway for global financial trading enterprises

Equinix’s Frankfurt facilities are an established European gateway to global trading opportunities, financial services and trading venues. In Frankfurt, Equinix customers get access to a multi-asset/multi-venue financial service ecosystem, benefitting from low latency connections to other market participants.

FR6 is one of five new Equinix IBX data centers opening worldwide this year …

Throughout 2017, Equinix is opening five new data centers around the world: SP3 in São Paulo, AM4 in Amsterdam, SV10 in San Jose and DC12 in Washington, D.C. – and of course FR6 in Frankfurt.

… and one of over 175+ IBX data centers worldwide

Equinix has more than 175+ data centers in 44 markets, serving 22 countries. With its globally consistent footprint, Equinix allows companies to extend their IT to the digital edge – anytime, anywhere.

Our FR6 Operations Team on stage.


Christian Zipp talks about the Equinix Digital Campus Frankfurt.


A laser show to celebrate the official launch.


Keynote from our CEO, Steve Smith.


Donald Badoux opens the FR6 Launch Event.