Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables Oracle® Cloud Platform customers to achieve greater hybrid and multicloud performance

Pragnesh Panchal


In previous posts, we’ve highlighted the benefits of multicloud computing, in particular, how enterprises can leverage best-of-breed public cloud service providers for delivering specific applications and managing multiple tiers within applications. An organization may have many reasons to run a distributed application architecture across different clouds, including matching the best service against a specific task.

Oracle Cloud offers best-in-class services across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS infrastructures. For companies looking to extend their workloads into the Oracle Cloud Platform, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – FastConnect Service empowers them to leverage a hybrid or multicloud environment by offering private and dedicated interconnection between customers’ data centers and the Oracle Cloud.

Equinix Cloud Exchange™ is a vital component for enterprises and service providers deploying a hybrid or multicloud environment. It is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless,
on-demand and direct access via virtualized connections to multiple clouds and networks across the globe.

The Cloud Exchange also plays a critical part when leveraging an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy deployed on Platform Equinix™. An IOA is a proven and repeatable architectural framework that directly and securely connects people, locations, clouds and data. This multicloud solution can also be deployed using Oracle Cloud in conjunction with other cloud service providers that support interconnection with the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Additionally, Cloud Exchange as an interconnection provider for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect service enables easy and low friction scalability to address increasing amounts of data coming from enterprises in growing vertical markets (financial services, healthcare and manufacturing, etc.). The Equinix Cloud Exchange is optimized for private connectivity to Oracle Cloud’s suite of IaaS and PaaS cloud services, including Database-as-a-Service, Database Backup-as-a-Service, Big Data-as-a-Service, Exadata™-as-a-Service, Compute-as-a-Service and Storage-as-a-Service. For example, in tests conducted by the Equinix IT organization showed Oracle backup network throughput was up to six hours faster and data restore time was more than 3.5 hours faster than existing internet connection.

Real-World Customer Case Study

In one real-world customer use case tested at an Equinix Solution Validation Center (SVC) in Ashburn, we demonstrated how Oracle® Cloud PaaS delivers high performing consistent sub-2 milliseconds latency and greater security by completely avoiding internet in the data path, with lower costs for an application using an Oracle database via Oracle FastConnect.


What makes a good multicloud match in this use case?

Finding the best cloud service for a specific job can mean different things to different people. In this use case, the customer’s homegrown application was supported by an Oracle database at the backend and an IaaS provider of choice for the compute services. The customer’s goals included:

  • Dedicated and private connectivity instead of using a virtual private network (VPN) over the public internet
  • Consistent latency and throughput performance between best-of-breed IaaS and PaaS solutions across clouds
  • Lowest-cost cloud environment for operating an Oracle database at the highest performance
  • Lowest-cost connectivity for moving data in and out of the IaaS provider at the highest performance

The challenge to achieving these goals centered not just on selecting the right cloud provider for a specific task, but also on selecting the right type of interconnection. Networking, which acts as a glue in a multicloud architecture, is not always safe over the public internet, nor is the performance predictable and consistent.

The scenario tested in the Equinix SVC included directly connecting to the Oracle Cloud via Oracle FastConnect and to an IaaS provider going through the Equinix Cloud Exchange and networking gear deployed within the Equinix Performance Hub™ (see diagram below):

Use Case: Multicloud: database in Oracle® Public Cloud; application in another public cloud


The benefits of leveraging private interconnection to the Oracle multicloud versus the public internet included:

  • Achieving consistent and predictable, lowest-possible latency ꟷ Less than 2 milliseconds roundtrip
  • Leveraging a secured interconnection platform that enables private connectivity to both clouds
  • Reducing egress data costs by leveraging direct, private connectivity to public clouds versus going over the public internet
  • Tight control of the effective multicloud network by deploying a Performance Hub at Equinix that is managed either by an enterprise or a trusted third party managed services provider (MSP)

The above case study is just an example of an interim step that could lead to seamless migration of broader workloads to Oracle cloud that leverage the same multicloud connectivity established at the digital edge deployed at Equinix. During that migration the enterprise could continue to run the business without impact. Oracle FastConnect on the Equinix Cloud Exchange allows enterprises to optimize interconnection to the Oracle Cloud – enabling applications, workloads and data to operate on-premises and in the public cloud over high-performance, private and scalable connections. Oracle and Equinix empower enterprises to transform their business by integrating hybrid and multicloud environments to increase operational efficiency, enhance system processes, improve customer experiences and grow revenues.

A multicloud infrastructure opens up a number of choices to you, which can be deployed using your own equipment or leveraging a managed service provider. In addition, the networking constructs across various clouds are different, and it could be a daunting task to make it all work quickly. Engaging experts, such as those from Equinix Professional Services for Cloud, to advise you in developing an integrated multicloud strategy, and designing the solution with redundancy and high availability will help you achieve the greatest cloud performance at the lowest cost.

A multicloud scenario to leverage the Oracle Cloud PaaS is just one of a multitude of real-world cloud workloads you can test at an Equinix SVC. Contact a Global Solutions Architect to discuss how a multicloud strategy can improve your application performance and design a customized proof-of-concept for your business solution.