Equinix Global Solutions Architects – Driving Digital Transformation for Asian Companies

Hisham Muhammad
Equinix Global Solutions Architects – Driving Digital Transformation for Asian Companies


According to a recent Microsoft study, 80% of businesses in Asia-Pacific believe that they need to transform to a digital business to enable future growth and yet only 29% said that they have a full digital strategy in place today. Lack of digitally skilled workforce, along with cyber threats and security concerns, is the top barrier to digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a complex undertaking for any enterprise. The desired business outcomes, architectures and execution rely on a multi-vendor delivery model with a vertically integrated enterprise technology stack that consists of a hybrid environment made up of on-premise, colocation and cloud-based solutions.

To help organizations navigate this new territory, the Equinix Global Solution Architects (GSA) team has created a series of videos that highlight the different rates of maturity in various Asia-Pacific markets, and the capabilities that exist within the delivery partner landscape.

Australia – Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Technology Stack

When it comes to adoption of the cloud, Australia is a very mature market. However, as companies pursue cloud-first strategies to deliver a consumption based IT infrastructure, there are underlying challenges to successfully executing a service-chained, multi-vendor delivery model. The chosen architecture relies on the collective capabilities of the delivery partners, which can have a direct bearing on the total cost of ownership and the ability to address newer and more disruptive delivery models.

Discover how Tamas Horvath, our Senior Global Solutions Architect at Equinix in Sydney, draws upon collective ecosystem capabilities, as well as his experience with major Cloud Service Providers and Equinix’s partner ecosystems, to jointly build colocation-based hybrid cloud enterprise technology stacks in this video.

Hong Kong – Offering Global Reach

Hong Kong-based Lead Global Solutions Architect, Kelvin Cheung, discusses a different kind of challenge in his market. He works with Chinese state-owned and multi-national companies, as well as major South Korean headquartered global brands that plan to expand globally to build a distributed architecture for their global digital supply chains.

These global expansion engagements involve a lot of enablement sessions, where we share our experiences in helping global companies leverage Equinix’s Internet Exchanges, peering exchanges and our network service provider ecosystems to build their content distribution networks. Building this type of global infrastructure requires unique, localized market knowledge and implementation insights. See Kelvin’s video here.

Singapore – Execution Venue for Digital Transformation

Singapore and South Asia Senior Global Solutions Architect, Hari Srinivasan, spends the majority of his engagements on working closely with key customers that are embarking on a digital transformation journey; supporting them with network transformation and hybrid cloud strategies.

Hari works very closely with Equinix’s partner ecosystems to build targeted joint-solutions and capabilities based on enterprise transformation needs.

You can learn more about these insights from Hari by watching this video.

Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA)TM in Action

To increase value to their customers and cope with industry disruption, digital media companies are under immense pressure to transform their digital platforms and reduce costs. Senior Global Solutions Architect, Daniel Ho, has unique insights and understanding of Digital Media vertical challenges.

During complex transformation projects, Daniel works with customer stakeholders to map out how they can adopt Equinix’s Interconnection Oriented Architecture methodology. This includes focusing on data gravity, the proximity of content to their customers and the critical partner ecosystems that provide the hybrid cloud analytics needed to build a more robust digital supply chain.

Get Daniel’s perspective on how IOA strategies are making our customers more agile and able to serve global end users in this short video.

The Value Global Solutions Architects Team Brings to the Engagements

As a service provider or enterprise, successfully executing a digital transformation strategy against a complex market landscape and multi-vendor delivery model requires a good understanding of having the right venues to achieve specific market-based capabilities. This is where Equinix’s GSAs can be an extended resource to your strategic transformation teams.

Drop us an email at GSA-INFO@equinix.com to start your transformation conversations with us. Help us understand your business pain points and desired outcomes.


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