FreedomPay: Re-Architecting the Edge for Global Digital Commerce

FreedomPay: Re-Architecting the Edge for Global Digital Commerce


Digital payment transactions are increasingly coming in from the edge. This puts new demands on mobile, wireless digital commerce solutions (e.g., electronic wallets, point-of-sales systems), security systems, and network and cloud infrastructures to scale to support this growing demand. In fact, a recent Global Interconnection Index market study, published by Equinix, is predicting that by 2020, direct Interconnection to financial service providers to transact and exchange payments digitally is expected to grow 38% among enterprises and 34% among service providers as they conduct digital commerce.

Digital commerce platform providers, such as Equinix customer FreedomPay, are addressing the issue of escalating growth in the digital commerce market through agile software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) that provide high-speed connectivity to dense ecosystems of digital payment partners, banks and consumers hosted on vendor-neutral colocation and interconnection platforms. FreedomPay is a leader in digital commerce transaction solutions, intelligent analysis, promotion and incentive routing, and customer relationship management services. Its Advanced Commerce Platform supports multiple markets and providers in the digital payments industry, and enables merchants to have secure, point-to-point encryption (P2PE) from the payment terminal to the retailer’s processor or merchant acquirer.

Gaining more proximate, direct and secure access to critical network, cloud and business services, partners and consumers was vital to FreedomPay. It enabled it to expand globally and provide fast, safe and reliable access to its digital commerce platform for leading companies in retail, hospitality, lodging, gaming, education, healthcare and financial services.

The company knew it needed to transform its IT infrastructure to expand its reach into an increasingly more global and mobile consumer base. To do this, it launched initiatives to:

  • Extend its global presence to the United Kingdom (UK) and Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Migrate its high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) environments and expand its storage capacity to the cloud
  • Increase its network performance and security for a higher quality consumer experience

By leveraging an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy on Platform Equinix™, the company was able to quickly achieve all of these goals and realize a $1 million savings in capex and opex costs.


Taking digital commerce interconnection to the edge

FreedomPay partnered with Equinix, Moon Rock Consulting and Underlay Networks to design and deploy a high-performance, redundant and reliable SD-WAN infrastructure, with direct and secure cloud connectivity, which could be quickly and cost-effectively replicated in other geographic locations for expansion and redundancy without disruption to consumer services. FreedomPay can now more efficiently and effectively access distributed cloud providers, partners and customers, both internal and external to Equinix data centers. The Equinix Performance Hub provides direct and secure, public and private connectivity between the Equinix Cloud Exchange and the Underlay Networks SD-WAN infrastructure, while using industry-leading encryption to maintain regulatory compliance, so that all network paths supported P2PE out at the edge of the growing FreedomPay corporate network.

Gaining access to much higher bandwidth (1 GB vs. 100 Mbps), lower-latency SD-WAN connections by deploying an IOA framework on Platform Equinix and the Underlay Networks infrastructure, enabled FreedomPay to realize a 10x improvement in global, cloud interconnection performance for 60% less cost. The company can now connect new customers to its POS digital payment solutions in the cloud within 24 hours, rather than in weeks or months. It has also increased its data portability, replication, and HA and DR capabilities for supporting planned and unplanned downtime of mission critical applications such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics.

FreedomPay’s Integrated SD-WAN Infrastructure for Its Advanced Commerce Platform


Said Christopher Kronenthal, Chief Technology Officer, FreedomPay, “Equinix and Underlay Networks enabled us to increase our cloud adoption and expand our presence out at the edge of our corporate network and into new geographies. And, we could do this over an encrypted, private network with better performance, control and visibility and at a dramatically reduced cost.”

By more efficiently leveraging multiple partners and gaining faster access to customers, within and outside of Equinix, FreedomPay is able to provide a higher quality of experience to consumers, out at the edge where there is the greatest opportunity for expansion and revenue growth.

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