Equinix boosts Interconnection in a Digital Capital – Washington D.C.

The world’s largest data center market is about to welcome another new facility built by the global Interconnection and data center leader.

Get ready for DC12, which officially opens a week from today as Equinix continues an expansion project that will add 1 million square feet of colocation space in our Washington D.C. metro.

The new building joins 10 other Equinix facilities in Loudoun County, a rural area with so many data centers it’s known as “data center alley.” In fact, ongoing expansion in Loudoun is a big reason why the Washington D.C. metro in now the largest data center market on the planet, edging past New York at the end last year, according to Synergy Research.

Loudoun County has attracted data centers for a variety of reasons, including the collection of legacy network providers there that initially drew data center companies. It’s also got a great location that’s near the nation’s capital and offers easy access to various digital routes heading north, south and west. But from our perspective, the catalyst of all this growth today is Interconnection.


Wanted: Interconnection at the digital edge

Interconnection is defined as the direct, private data exchange between businesses, and the growing demand for it is driving the digital economy. To succeed, companies today must instantly, directly and securely connect with people, locations, clouds and data all over the world. But connecting all these things together just isn’t enough – they also need to be as close as possible to all the counterparties they exchange data with to deliver the high-performance, low-latency connectivity users require. That means putting Interconnection at the digital edge.

The digital edge is where commerce, population centers and digital ecosystems meet. It’s basically where business happens, and if companies aren’t putting their IT infrastructures at the digital edge, near their users, the quality of experience just won’t meet their expectations.

A market study we recently published, called The Global Interconnection Index, gives a first-of-its-kind look at the emerging importance of Interconnection. One of the Index’s key projections is that Interconnection Bandwidth capacity is estimated to grow worldwide at twice the rate of global IP traffic between 2016-2020. It also projects 39% annual growth in Interconnection Bandwidth capacity in Washington D.C. over that same period. We’re expanding in Washington for the same reason we’re expanding globally in places like Turkey and Spain. Because we want to be there to offer Interconnection wherever in the world our customers need it.

DC 12 is just the start

DC12 is a major extension of our existing Ashburn, Va., campus in Loudoun County. That campus is an important communications gateway to Europe and home of the largest internet peering point in North America.

In its first phase, DC12 will add 1,275 cabinets and more than 190,000 square feet of data center space to our regional footprint, but it’s just the start. DC12 is the first of five buildings we’re planning for the 44 acres of land we purchased in Ashburn in 2012. When we’re done, the new facilities on this parcel will offer a combined 1 million square feet of colocation space.

Equinix currently hosts more than 1,000 customers and a variety of digital ecosystems inside our Washington D.C. metro. Our customers include 200+ network service providers and 9 of the top 10 global content delivery networks. We’re also close to the high concentrations of IT, telecommunications, biotech, federal government and international organizations that have clustered in the D.C. area.

The opportunities for Interconnection here are rich. Our commitment to this massive, multi-year investment – which starts to pay off for customers as soon as DC12 opens its doors – shows we are determined to keep it that way.

To learn more about the projected growth of Interconnection by locally and globally, check out the Global Interconnection Index.