How Direct Access to Amazon Web Services is Accelerating Digital Transformation

Equinix PA6 in Paris

Why is France an ideal destination for digital businesses (enterprises and service providers alike)? First, as the second-largest economy in the European Union (EU), the European Commission views France’s economic future as a marché haussier (“bull market”). According to the European Commission Winter 2018 Economic Forecast report, France’s gross domestic product (GDP) has grown at more than 0.5% for the fifth consecutive quarter, reaching 0.6% in Q4 2017. And, France’s economic momentum is set to remain strong, with GDP growth expected to reach 2.0% in 2018.

Second, government-backed initiatives are boosting the digitization of French industry and promoting a vibrant start-up ecosystem. This includes the booming French Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud markets. By 2018, the French cloud market is estimated to exceed €7 billion, and two billion things are projected to be connected in France by 2020. A digitized economy and dynamic IoT and cloud markets are catalysts for a robust and diversified economy in all industry sectors, and that’s also driving a growing colocation data center market.

For all the reasons mentioned above, and to meet the pent-up demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) access to expand digital business in France, we are excited to announce immediate AWS Direct Connect availability in our Paris Equinix campus. A co-sponsored Equinix/AWS event will be held to celebrate the Equinix/AWS Direct Connect launch on April 4, 2018, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the AWS Auditorium, Tour Carpe Diem, 31 place des Corolles, 92400 Courbevoie.

France: An interconnected, secure, and sustainable hub for the global digital economy

Other factors that have made France an attractive home for leading digital businesses such as AWS and Equinix include:

  • France’s world-class digital infrastructure of high-quality, domestic fiber optic networks enables high-speed broadband access. It’s the only European country to benefit from a connectivity hub in Paris that provides resilient, low-latency network connections to all the world’s major internet hubs.
  • French companies are required to keep data proximate and local by stringent data privacy and sovereignty regulations (e.g., the General Data Protection Regulation, Trade Secrets European Directive) and today, France has some of the highest levels of personal and data protection in Europe.
  • Power companies in France have a long track record of working with energy-intensive industries and offering data center operators predictable, long-term contracts with highly competitive, wholesale rates, along with a resilient and redundant power grid. Renewable energy efforts in France are also well underway, and the government has a goal to get 32% of France’s domestic energy from renewable sources by 2030.

All these innovations make France a destination of choice for digital businesses that want to establish themselves in a vendor-neutral colocation data center facility at the digital edge, regardless of industry. Digital businesses need a vendor-agnostic, multi-tenant data center provider that delivers world-class interconnection solutions, which open-up access to state-of the-art French digital infrastructure, global business ecosystems, personal and data security controls, and renewable energy resources.

AWS Launches Direct Connect in Equinix Paris Digital Campus

Equinix’s Paris campus is the largest digital campus in France, hosting more enterprises than any other data center colocation and interconnection facility in Europe. It offers seven buildings with 60,000 sq. meters (196,850 sq. ft) of data center space and a concentration of retail commerce, financial services, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications and government business ecosystems. The Equinix Paris campus also offers access to markets in the Middle East, Africa.

Equinix Paris Campus

Equinix and AWS are helping companies in all industries architect their digital transformation at the digital edge from this prime location in the heart of Paris. Customers who will benefit from this collaboration represent all industries in the private and public sectors and include those enterprises and IT service providers who are looking to “lift and shift” strategic workloads to the cloud and/or need to consolidate their data center footprint.

Where opportunity connects

In Kaushik Joshi’s blog article, “Where Opportunity Connects to AWS Proximity Matters,” he describes how the growth of business at the digital edge, where commerce, population centers and digital ecosystems meet, is a powerful catalyst for the increase in the Interconnection Bandwidth capacity. A market study published by Equinix, the “Global Interconnection Index,” estimates the bandwidth capacity to privately exchange data between enterprises and cloud and IT service providers could grow annually by an unprecedented 160% between 2016 – 2020.

This interconnection demand is coming from the need for more scalable and cost-efficient cloud environments that can support digital businesses’ increasing digital requirements. These include greater compute and storage resources for the Internet of Things (IoT) and new sources of data generation (e.g. artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks). Direct and secure interconnection to the cloud is also required to support dynamic databases, business continuity/disaster recovery, cybersecurity and multi-region deployments.

Equinix and AWS combine AWS Direct Connect with Equinix interconnection solutions on Platform Equinix™, such as the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ (ECX) Fabric, to provide companies with private, dedicated interconnection between their IT infrastructures and AWS in global Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers at the digital edge. This allows our joint customers to integrate their on-premises and/or off-premises IT environments with AWS, as well as expand into new markets that are strategic to their success.

AWS Direct Connect on Platform Equinix

Equinix delivers private network access to AWS-based business apps and data from any Equinix IBX data center facility interconnected via the ECX Fabric, bypassing the public Internet for greater performance, security and regulatory compliance. This interconnected-cloud solution enables digital businesses to accelerate their digital transformation via proximate, low-latency connections to AWS and quickly deploy hybrid IT architectures. It also supports the personal and data privacy initiatives that are so critical to cloud governance in private and public sector French organizations and their global partners.

Equinix is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), the highest level of APN Technology Partner, and has achieved AWS Networking Competency Status. At last November’s AWS re:Invent 2017, Equinix was recognized as ones of the launch partners for AWS Direct Connect.

This expansion of AWS access within Equinix’s Paris campus underscores our companies’ collective ongoing commitment to serve AWS customers by providing direct and secure cloud access on a global scale. Equinix and AWS deliver dedicated interconnection to AWS in 24 locations worldwide to support businesses’ diverse digital transformation goals in global markets. Today, Equinix provides the largest number of entry points and global coverage for enterprise customers into AWS’s secure cloud environments. New AWS Direct Connect locations are also being planned for in Miami and Rio de Janeiro Equinix IBX data centers this year.

AWS Direct Connect, the ECX Fabric, and Equinix Internet Exchange represent the growing number of interconnection solutions that are enabling our customers around the world to leverage an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®) strategy for connecting people, locations, clouds and data at the digital edge. We look forward to sharing that strategy with you at our Equinix/AWS Direct Connect Paris Launch Event and showing you firsthand how an IOA framework can help you deploy direct and secure access to AWS and further your digital transformation journey.

Attendees to our Equinix/AWS Direct Connect launch event will learn the following:

  • How to accelerate your cloud deployment
  • How to create cloud-ready solutions to your specifications, based on architectures validated by experts from AWS and Equinix to accelerate your cloud adoption
  • How proximity to AWS can increase the performance of your applications and end-user satisfaction

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