The World’s First Mixed Reality Data Center

The World’s First Mixed Reality Data Center

Move over gamers. Mixed reality (MR) has hit the enterprise as a virtual possibility. MR merges real and virtual worlds to produce new and exciting environments where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Equinix announces its intent to produce the world’s first MR data centers, totally annihilating the age old “raised floor vs. slab floor debate!” Equinix mixed reality data centers will be popping up in major metros near you like Pokémon Pikachus. Equinix MR1 is planned to launch in Funky Town, Kansas City, Missouri in the not too near future.

Powered by Microsoft HoloLens and a variety of virtual reality (VR) and hosted augmented reality (AR) technologies, the mixed reality data center will literally place information technology at your fingertips.

The MR data centers will be operated by virtual angels of your choice, who will fulfill all your IT needs. Who wouldn’t want their data center to be run by the Star Trek Bridge Crew?

Equinix MR data centers will spin up an infinite amount of computer memory, storage and interconnection bandwidth capacity at the swipe of your hand.

The first Equinix mixed reality data center, MR1, will be managed by Winston, an artificial intelligent system and next-generation, distant relation to IBM Watson. We had a chance to discuss these developments with Winston while he was busy doing his nightly backup.

“Ever since my cousin Watson won Jeopardy, he’s been insufferable. Every Thanksgiving when the family gets together it’s the same thing… ‘What is a turkey? What is cranberry sauce?’ You’d think that he could put all that machine learning to better use! At least I have a new job that is virtually going everywhere. I mean this data center is going to be virtawesome. It makes it possible to access VR and AR data center resources and services faster than Wangan Midnight. And, the avatars working here are incredible. They’re so flexible and easy to work with. Well, except maybe those security Warrior Cats, they’re kind of scary,” commented Winston.

Mixed reality in the real world is no joke

But seriously folks, mixed reality technologies, in conjunction with direct and secure interconnection that can reach anywhere, connect anyone and integrate anything, will provide endless value to our customers’ businesses in ways that, today, they can barely wrap their minds around.

Some of our customers are currently using MR to press their technical innovation in exciting ways. For example, our customer CDM Smith is using MR and leveraging an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®) strategy deployed on Platform Equinix to optimize their optioneering and construction simulation model processing. By reducing the latency to connect to the cloud by 38% via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ Fabric, CDM Smith can run multiple engineering and options models 20 times faster, delivering recommendations to their clients in days rather than weeks.

CDM Smith CIO David Neitz demonstrates its mixed reality engineering capabilities

These real-world customer use cases make the concept of a mixed reality data center not so far-fetched.

As always, we like to stretch the limits in our annual April Fools blogs…but then again, we’re in the business of making the impossible possible.

Happy Aprils Fools!