8 Beautiful Photos of the Dallas Infomart

Phil Schwarzmann
8 Beautiful Photos of the Dallas Infomart

Maybe you’ve heard that Equinix now owns the entire Dallas Infomart. It’s a big deal for our customers because it adds hundreds of thousands of square feet of colocation space in an historic U.S. interconnection hub which also happens to be a gateway to Latin America.

But maybe you haven’t heard that the Infomart is one cool-looking building. The building was designed after The Crystal Palace, which was built in 19th century London to host the first in a series of world fairs. Its glass, steel and sheer size (7 floors, 1.6 million square feet) make it one of the largest and most distinct buildings in the Dallas area. And inside, it’s got some trademark Equinix color and flair.

We happen to have several beautiful shots of the Infomart. Check them out:

The Infomart acquisition is part of our ongoing efforts to expand interconnection – private data exchange between businesses – wherever our customers need it. Check out the IOA Playbook, which is a guide to building a digital business by implementing an interconnection-first approach called an Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA™ ) strategy.

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