How Great Transformations Become Even Greater with Interconnection

Sami Holopainen

Last year, Finland celebrated its 100 years of independence. Our country received many great presents, but one of the most significant recognitions came later: this March, Finland was named as the happiest country in the world in the World Happiness Report 2018. The United Nations publishes the report annually.

Once one of the poorest countries of Europe, Finland is now at the forefront of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Finnish solutions are used all over the world. For instance, the Linux operating system was born in Finland. You have probably played a game made in Finland such as Angry Birds. Under the hood of advanced GPS watches for runners, there’s Finnish software that analyses the performance in real time. And we’ve still got the biggest wireless network provider that most people anywhere on Earth know by name: Nokia.

Practically every individual, company, and country are now going through a digital transformation. And Finland has experience of transformations: our journey from a poor, agricultural country to the point where we are now has been incredibly fast.

Finland is a sparsely populated country with not that many natural resources (save for our dense forests, which has made paper and pulp industry strong here). If we had not embraced new technologies, we wouldn’t be standing where we are now.

It has been a great journey and quite a story. But it is not over. To keep the story exciting to reach even higher, we must keep raising the bar every day. We need solutions of the digital era – a crucial one being interconnectivity by Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric.

Data routes are the backbone of modern business

If the 20th century was the era of ever-increasing international trade and trade routes, the 21st century will be about data connections and increasing international data flows. New data connections are at the backbone of modern business that solves the most pressing problems of humanity, such as climate change.

Why am I writing about this so passionately? Fast and reliable data connections are a necessity for digital companies to succeed. They are absolutely essential for companies residing in remote countries such as Finland. It is also a crucial factor for companies that are wondering whether to move their headquarters to this northern corner of the world.

Equinix wants to be an important part of the Finnish story also in the future. Our role is to offer freedom of choice for Finnish companies. Modern, interconnected digital business requires low latency connections to the world’s mega hubs of business, and that is what we provide.

For Equinix, Finland is an important market. We continue to invest in world-class connections to and from Finland because of the country’s vital and international business life and strategic location between East and West. For instance, we are working with Eastern Light company that builds subsea cables connecting our data centers in Finland and Sweden and reaching to Baltics as well.

The benefits of interconnectivity

The latest addition to our offering is Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric. It brings together more than 1,000 enterprises globally, including major cloud service providers in more than 25 Equinix locations all over the world. As its name indicates, it is a virtually created fabric: it offers on-demand based interconnections between any of the participants.

In practice, what does ECX Fabric mean for a Finnish enterprise that utilizes our facilities in Helsinki? The enterprise can get its data centres and data networks connected seamlessly with partners overseas. Through ECX Fabric, companies based in Helsinki can lead a global business and connect directly with partners overseas.

One clear benefit is the prevention of service disruptions by a multi-cloud strategy, that is, relying on several cloud providers instead of one. ECX Fabric lets companies pick from several cloud providers and SaaS companies. And vice versa, Finnish providers of cloud services and SaaS benefit by joining our ECX Fabric: they get an alternate method to reach additional customers with little or no additional effort.

Direct, reliable, and safe data connections are as important for globally operating Finnish businesses as direct, reliable and safe flights were before the age of Internet. This year, ECX Fabric will connect all powerhouses of global business. Due to its unique location and strong business life, Helsinki will be one of these cities.

Download the Platform Equinix Vision Paper to learn more about ECX fabric.