New AWS Routes Open Up in NAP

Kaushik Joshi

Equinix MI1 in Miami

In our recent blog article, “Why Miami is Latin America’s Center of Interconnection,” we discussed how Miami is so widely viewed as a LATAM hub that people often call it “the capital of Latin America.” Equinix’s MI1 facility, one of the densest colocation sites in the southern United States, is right in the center of that hub, creating rich opportunities for companies in the southern North American, LATAM and Caribbean markets and earning its title as the Network Access Point of the Americas (NAP). Now, MI1 is offering access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for new growth opportunities for North and South American businesses.

By 2020, the primary use case across both LATAM enterprises and service providers for Interconnection Bandwidth capacity will be to connect to network providers (with a projected 181% compound annual growth rate (CAGR)), followed by connecting to cloud and IT service providers (91% CAGR), according to the Global Interconnection Index published by Equinix. What’s driving this growth? Primarily, the increase in cloud adoption, and the fact that content and digital media providers, financial and banking, enterprises, government and federal customers need to regionally deliver products and services to better serve a local LATAM market using lower latency and higher quality interconnection capabilities. This is one of the reasons why secure and private access to AWS via Direct Connect on Platform Equinix™ in MI1 is so critical to customers based in Florida, LATAM and Caribbean markets.

Direct access to AWS in MI1 opens new markets

The AWS launch event held at the EPIC Hotel in downtown Miami with tours of MI1 prior to the event, offered an opportunity for AWS customers to develop the skills to design, deploy and operate public and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Direct access to AWS in MI1 allows experienced and new cloud architects to build cloud infrastructures that enable the creation of new services and businesses, allow access to new consumers, and drive additional revenue streams. At the same time, interconnecting to AWS via Direct Connect with Equinix Cross Connects or the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric™ helps reduce operating costs, maintain data privacy and optimize service performance.

This newest AWS Direct Connect market at Equinix is rich with South Florida’s largest ecosystems of network carriers (125+), financial services firms (60+), content and digital media providers (40+), and cloud and managed services providers. Equinix has also made a substantial investment in the Miami campus to support more than 3,000+ cabinets, making it the most interconnected colocation platform for extensible capacity and scalability, as well as access to LATAM and Caribbean markets.

Direct access to subsea cable routes to and from Brazilian markets are possible through the Monet subsea system via a cable landing station located inside Equinix MI3, reducing latency between North, Central and South American metros.

AWS expansion in South America

Direct and secure access to AWS is now live in the heart of LATAM for expanding business opportunities even further for those companies looking to grow revenue in this vibrant region.

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