A Culture of Success – 20 Years and Counting

Debra McCowan

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary at Equinix this year, and we are proud of how far we have come. No company reaches this milestone without taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach, not only to define what we do, but also who we are and where we want to go.

Looking back at Equinix since I joined in 2013, it’s amazing to see the growth we have experienced. Back then, we were a $2.2 billion company with around 2,500 employees and 100 data centers in 32 markets. Now, we have reached more than $4.4 billion in revenue, 7,200 employees and 200 data centers in 52 markets. We are a truly global and diverse company.

We are now operating in 24 countries and competing in many new markets that present great opportunities. As we evolve, what remains constant and core to our business is our culture. It is anchored in our commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do and achieving results through our committed and talented employees.

Our brand is strong and has helped to drive our success. Some major strengths of our brand are our culture and values and that we have one great story to tell, inside and out. This is so important to our ability to be a talent magnet, especially given all the highly competitive markets we operate in. We know that to compete for top talent, we need to continue to design around employees and their total experience, and we pride ourselves on striving to create an environment where everyone can do their best work.

Culture is critical to creating the right atmosphere for our employees, because we know our customers won’t love our company unless our employees love it first.

Armed with a great strategy, it is our people who execute against that strategy. The unique human perspectives they bring make all the difference. In today’s world, with changing workforce demographics and fast-paced technology trends, of which Equinix is at the center, our employees expect a seamless consumer-like experience when they come to work. We are consciously using this lens to continue to shape and build all aspects of our people strategy and our approach to designing our work environment. We feel that if our culture remains strong, it will evolve in a healthy way and will allow us to keep growing and maturing at the right pace.

Equinix’s culture has always been a big asset. Our executive team has long recognized this, and we have been deliberate in our efforts to preserve our culture. Early in my tenure at Equinix, one of the concerns I heard from leaders and employees was that we had not consistently captured the essential elements of what made our culture so special. There was a real fear about losing that over time, especially with all the acquisitions we were undertaking. As we continued to grow and expand globally, it became a priority for us to take the time to define the Equinix culture and to operationalize it across the growing business. Our intent was to establish the best path to help us preserve and enhance our special blend of magic. Now well-known as “The Magic of Equinix,” our values underpin our purpose and our dream, which defines how we operate, think and interact with each other. It is both who we are today and who we strive to be as we continue this incredible and exciting journey. Here are our values:

The work of defining our culture and developing the Magic of Equinix has been such a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Now, it is up to each of us to live it and practice it every day. A key part of this is setting the right example from the top down, starting with our executive team. Every member of our executive team is passionate about our culture. We are fortunate to have this level of alignment and commitment, and it is hugely important in creating an exceptional experience for our employees across the globe. By setting the right tone at the top, we want our employees to see that we are exemplifying our values in the ways we cultivate our teams, develop our leaders, and do our jobs.

When we are hiring new talent, we purposefully talk about our culture, and more often than not, it is the selling point. People want to join companies where they have a purpose, can use their expertise to do good things, and feel like they belong to something bigger. We know for a fact that having a strong, positive culture at the heart of the employee experience drives performance, profits, employee engagement and greater levels of innovation throughout the organization.

At 20, Equinix is no longer the new kid on the block. We remain well-positioned for growth as we continue our path to becoming a historically significant company. Our energy level is high, and we are focused and aligned on our strategy to be the global interconnection platform for the world’s leading businesses.

I am confident that our culture will remain our competitive advantage. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary milestone, keeping our focus and staying true to who we are is going to make a difference and will ensure that the next 20 years will be even better!