Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle® GoldenGate

Nitin Goel
Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle® GoldenGate

In today’s dynamic hybrid IT environment, it’s critical for companies to replicate data across globally distributed data centers. For example, they may need to replicate their data from on-premises IT to the cloud, or from a specific database to different database targets, or vice versa. These are the types of workload transactions that we at Equinix are working on within our own colocation data centers to better serve our customers.

One application that we have tested in Equinix IT is Oracle® GoldenGate-a comprehensive software package for real-time data integration and replication in heterogeneous IT environments. It enables high-availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformations and verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems.

Oracle GoldenGate, in conjunction with an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®) strategy deployed on Platform Equinix™, is one of the best tools we’ve found for real-time data replication from one database to another, including non-Oracle targets. An IOA strategy on Platform Equinix enables you to choose from a wide-range of network providers to create a high-performance, low-latency wide area network (WAN) with proximate connections in more than 48 metro markets around the world. Indeed, this strategy offers the most optimal private path with the lowest latency and highest bandwidth integration across multiple clouds and networks, greatly amplifying the benefits of the tool.

The combined solution allows you to move committed transactions with integrity and minimal overhead within your existing IT infrastructure. It also addresses data sensitivity and sovereignty requirements within a hybrid/multi cloud environment at the edge. Finally, the modular architecture gives you the flexibility to extract and replicate selected data records, transactional changes and changes to data definition language (DDL) specifications across a variety of topologies and in geographies around the world.

An Oracle GoldenGate Primer

Oracle GoldenGate captures transactional data changes from the source database redo log/archive logs, and then loads the changes into its own log file, called a “Trail File,” using a platform-independent universal data format. The extract process understands the schemas and tables from which to capture changes based on the configuration set in the extract parameter file. The data is then read from the source Trail File and moved across the network to the target Trail File using a process called a data pump, which is also driven by a parameter file. Finally, the transactions are loaded into the target database tables using the “Replicat” parameter file configuration, which maps source tables and columns to their target. Over a WAN infrastructure on Platform Equinix, the entire process occurs with sub-second latency and minimal impact to the source and target systems.

Source: Oracle

Maximizing Oracle GoldenGate performance via an IOA strategy on Platform Equinix

In today’s digital world, end users (customers/employees/partners) are demanding application performance that requires rapid data exchange and replication performance globally. In addition, when transactional databases are distributed globally, they need to be synchronized to ensure global consistency with extremely high performance.

Oracle GoldenGate solves this problem via superior replication technology at the database level. However, given the distributed nature of databases, in order to deliver high performance and low latency, the underlying physical transport of the WAN is equally important. This is where an IOA strategy deployed on Platform Equinix comes into the picture. It provides proven and repeatable architectural blueprints that enable you to gain the regional proximity to IT needed for the global performance and security essential for digital collaboration. In fact, according to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study, Equinix improves application performance significantly, with a potential average latency reduction of 42%.[1] In addition, Platform Equinix gives you the power to strategically interconnect people, locations, clouds and data anywhere, at any time, for less cost.

The IOA Network Blueprint indicates how leveraging interconnection solutions allows enterprises to directly and securely connect to network, cloud and application partner ecosystems to build their enterprise WANs. When deploying Oracle GoldenGate on Platform Equinix, companies can realize:

  • Flexible topology support: Deploy a more flexible, vendor-agnostic WAN infrastructure using an IOA strategy for more agile management of data in one-source-to-one-target, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many, cascading and bidirectional configurations.
  • Real-time data access: Gain higher performance with lower latency by leveraging an IOA strategy to immediately capture, transform and deliver transactional data to other systems.
  • Heterogeneous database support: Consistently replicate data across a global, vendor-agnostic Equinix colocation and interconnection platform to a wide variety of database systems.
  • Data reliability: Gain the redundancy and high-availability required using a replicated infrastructure based on the IOA Network Blueprint to deliver all committed records to the target, even in the event of network outages.
  • High-performance data, bidirectional data exchange, with low impact: Build high-speed, low-latency WAN infrastructures to move thousands of transactions per second with negligible impact on source and target systems.
  • Transaction integrity: Leverage direct and secure interconnection to maintain transaction commit boundaries and atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID) properties as transactions are moved between source and target systems.
  • Integration: Vendor-agnostic interconnection enables you to easily integrate with extract, transform and load (ETL) products, including Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition, or to use Oracle GoldenGate Application Adapters to integrate with Java Message Service-based messaging solutions, such as Oracle WebLogic.
  • Routing and compression: The Equinix global footprint leverages IP peering for route optimization to send data and eliminate geographical distance constraints between source and target systems, and also leverages private interconnection via Oracle FastConnect in geographically distributed Equinix colocation data centers.
  • Data encryption: Direct, private connections via Equinix interconnection solutions securely transmit encrypted data with variable key length encryption.

The proof is in testing Oracle GoldenGate on Platform Equinix

Our proof-of-concept (POC) testing results for Oracle GoldenGate on Platform Equinix tell the whole story. Global customers require us to keep all of their information up to date in each region in which they operate. Equinix IT set up Oracle GoldenGate real-time synchronization between two regional Siebel databases in Equinix data centers, one in North America (Chicago) on-premises and one in The Netherlands in the cloud. The test included unidirectional and bidirectional data transfers using Siebel’s Quote to Asset application. Most of the Siebel capabilities were executed in each respective region, and some functionalities, such as Siebel Policy triggers and batch jobs, were designed to execute only in one region. Oracle GoldenGate high-availability functionality was also tested by bringing down the Seibel database application in one region (Chicago) and performing the data replication test in the other region (The Netherlands). Once the testing was completed, the Chicago GoldenGate instance was brought up again, and the data was synched between the two regions.

Oracle GoldenGate software, in conjunction with an enterprise WAN built on Platform Equinix, helped increase load distribution, high availability, and performance improvements, and reduced deployment times for the following capabilities:

  • Active/active databases in two different data centers, synced bidirectionally

Oracle GoldenGate provides multi-directional replication that keeps databases across different data centers in sync. As its replication has no distance limitations, customers typically implement Oracle GoldenGate for data distribution between data centers located in different regions and continents. This enables application stacks in different regions to access the database locally and reduces network latency (e.g., our POC tested low-latency, bidirectional data replication across Equinix data centers in Chicago and the Netherlands).

  • Integration from Oracle to big data technologies

Oracle GoldenGate can also sync heterogeneous relational databases and provide a variety of integration options to facilitate delivering big data stream transactions from relational databases into non-relational targets in real time, without impacting the performance of source systems. It streamlines real-time data delivery into most popular big data solutions for better insights and timely actions.

  • Zero downtime during migrations and update releases

Oracle GoldenGate can be used to avoid data loss due to outages during migration or release updates. For example, we brought down the Siebel database application in Chicago, while keeping it running in The Netherlands. If Oracle GoldenGate is set up for bidirectional replication between old and new environments, and both systems support the application in transaction processing, end users have the option to implement a phased migration to the new environment and eliminate application switchover-related downtime. The transition to the new database environment can be completely transparent to end users. In our POC, a high-performance, low-latency WAN infrastructure built on Platform Equinix enabled us to reduce the data replication latency and accelerate globally distributed data replication.

Lessons learned from building high-performance, low-latency WANs

The IOA Network Blueprint is based on lessons learned by observing how multiple large enterprises build their WAN infrastructures out at the edge of their enterprise. The IOA Network Blueprint goes the extra mile to cover how enterprises can build enterprise WANs for hybrid IT infrastructures, where databases are hosted in corporate data centers as well as in public clouds. To spread this knowledge, this and other blueprints (security, data, applications, etc.) are now globally available as part of our IOA® Knowledge Base Or, learn more about our Platform Equinix Vision.

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