Equinix and F5 Networks Deliver Automated HSM as a Service

Equinix and F5 Networks Deliver Automated HSM as a Service

Together, Equinix and F5 Networks have delivered flexible, programmable technologies that create new hybrid IT environments without compromising on security or control. At the F5 Agility 2018 event in Boston, Equinix and F5 are promoting a new collaboration to deliver encryption key management as a service for hybrid/multicloud environments via the F5 BIG-IP as a Cloud Gateway and Equinix SmartKey™ key management solution by the end of this year.

In a previous collaboration, Equinix and F5 combined F5’s BIG-IP® iSeries™ line of software-defined hardware application delivery controllers and Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™). The BIG-IP platform allows enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to tailor their systems for evolving IT and cloud infrastructure requirements. When joined with ECX Fabric, the combined solutionenables businesses to apply the same enterprise-grade F5 services and policies found on-premises across their entire multicloud IT environment. This enables risk-free multicloud access and ensures that applications are secured and always available anytime, anywhere, in any infrastructure. Enterprises can move their applications to whichever cloud model works best for that application, avoiding vendor lock-in and maximizing performance.

The F5 | Equinix Cloud Gateway solution leverages F5’s BIG-IP platform, ECX Fabric and a Performance Hub® deployed in an Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center, giving enterprises a seamless, secure and scalable integration point between private IT environments and public cloud infrastructures. It is on this solution platform that Equinix SmartKey will be integrated.

Encryption key management in hybrid/multicloud

For many enterprises that have created hybrid or multicloud environments, secure management of data and encryption keys across private, public, hybrid or multicloud environments can be challenging. Putting your cloud encryption key management strategy in the hands of a third-party CSP’s key management services (KMS) is complex (each provider has a different set of keys), and many do not provide the performance required for multicloud key management. In addition, CSPs may not support the legacy, on-premises hardware security modules (HSM) that are required for an end-to-end hybrid cloud HSM service. These issues may curb businesses’ enthusiasm about putting their data and applications in the cloud.

A solution that combines HSM and KMS into a cloud-neutral HSM as a Service provides both the security and simplicity required for hybrid/multicloud environments. This is why F5 and Equinix have integrated Equinix SmartKey into their cloud gateway solution to allow the fully automated configuration of encryption keys within the F5 BIG-IP platform.

The integration of Equinix SmartKey with F5 BIG-IP offerings helps customers by providing a network-based solution that leverages full key lifecycle management as a service in the cloud for use cases such as SSL termination and encryption/decryption of data, making it easier and more accessible to businesses worldwide.

Many of our customers from various industries (oil and gas, financial services, banking, retail and more) have benefited from the F5 | Equinix Cloud Gateway solution, making hybrid/multicloud adoption easier and faster. These customers have implemented the solution in Equinix ECX Fabric locations for a number of different use cases, including: global load balancing, DDoS detection and mitigation, and SSL visibility.

Equinix SmartKey

Equinix SmartKey is the industry’s first Intel® SGX HSM as a Service. Offered on cloud-neutral Platform Equinix®, it provides the best of both worlds in terms of placing HSM and KMS capabilities for hybrid/multicloud infrastructures with centralized control and management close to clouds, carriers and counterparties, regardless of where the data resides. The capabilities include:

  • Secure key management and cryptography service that provides secure key storage, encryption and tokenization
  • Cloud-friendly APIs provide support for PKCS #11, CNG, JCE, Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and RESTful APIs for
    application development and integration. Sample code is also provided.
  • Cloud scalability with secure key replication for backup and redundancy

Customers have the ability to Bring Their Own Key (BYOK), enabling the same key to be used across multiple clouds ensuring only authorized users having access to HSM encrypted keys. Lowering latency by separately storing keys proximate to data across multiple cloud providers.

Read more about Equinix SmartKey.

By leveraging Equinix SmartKey for an out-of-the-box, SSL key management solution, the F5 | Equinix Cloud Gateway solution within Equinix Performance Hub accelerates secure network applications and enables organizations to successfully protect digital business assets, while keeping performance high and costs low. F5 BIG-IP and Equinix SmartKey integration allows the F5 | Equinix Cloud Gateway to retrieve customer keys automatically, without the need for customer intervention.

If you’re interested in learning more, Equinix will be holding a session, “F5 | Equinix Cloud Gateway Enables Risk-Free Multicloud Access” at the F5 Agility event in Boston on August 16 between 10:50 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

Together, Equinix and F5 are creating cloud and security solutions that provide high-speed and low-latency connectivity between multiple cloud providers and enterprise networks. This enables enhanced on-premises and cloud security integration, visibility and control where organizations, the internet and clouds interconnect.

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