Amsterdam Expands Digital Transformation in EMEA

Michiel Eielts
Amsterdam Expands Digital Transformation in EMEA

Equinix AM7 in Amsterdam

Since the start of the public internet over 27 years ago, Amsterdam has been the digital gateway to Europe. With access to 80% of the European population, it is a stable, thriving hub and politically neutral location for multiple industries, including some of Europe’s leading companies in finance, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications, media and content, and cloud and ISP services.

Digital innovators come to Amsterdam to take advantage of its excellent broadband connections to the rest of the world, made possible by the Netherlands’ connections to 150 global submarine cable networks. It’s no wonder that 20% of foreign investment is driven by Amsterdam’s digital activities, with more than 169 multinational technology companies headquartered in the Netherlands, making it one of the major operators in the global digital economy.

Given the endless opportunities for digital businesses to interconnect with the world from Amsterdam, we’re excited to celebrate the extension of the Equinix AM7 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center with our launch event on December 4, 2018.

Interconnection at the digital edge makes AM7 a competitive destination for digital business

The Global Interconnection Index, a market study published by Equinix, projects that private interconnection between businesses in Amsterdam is growing annually at 57%. In fact, Amsterdam is estimated to contribute 20% of the total installed Interconnection Bandwidth capacity in Europe between 2017 and 2021. Interconnection Bandwidth is the total capacity provisioned to privately and directly exchange traffic, with a diverse set of counterparties and providers, at distributed IT exchange points inside carrier-neutral colocation data centers. Because of this, many industries with aggressive digital business ambitions are expanding rapidly in the Netherlands, including content and digital media, manufacturing, healthcare, online gaming and smart utilities (lighting, heating, water distribution). And its leadership in smart water management among governments all over the world is legendary.

Our decision to extend Equinix AM7 was a direct response to the growing requirement businesses in these industries and others have to transform their IT infrastructures to succeed in today’s digital economy. Businesses are increasingly interdependent and cloud-enabled, and they depend on social, mobile, cloud, IoT and analytics to compete. The old way of doing business is diminishing and future success depends on direct and secure, private interconnection at the digital edge. The digital edge is where business is done today ꟷ where a company’s network needs to interconnect the people, locations, clouds, data and things that drive digital business. Companies today need a high-performance, scalable, reliable and secure global colocation and interconnection platform where they can place their IT infrastructures at the digital edge. This brings them as close as possible to their users (employees, partners and customers) and the digital services, such as hybrid/multicloud platforms, that drive their business and enable the best possible performance, scalability and security.

Equinix global IBX data centers provide a powerful level of direct interconnection and allow enterprises to react in real time, adapt quickly to change, and leverage rich digital ecosystems of network, cloud and content providers, creating new value and growth. It also enables them to connect to the future to stay relevant and compete, while controlling costs and maintaining compliance with evolving industry and government regulations.

You can see these strengths in action at the Equinix Amsterdam South East Campus, which has a mature IT infrastructure that delivers optimal performance to 80% of Europe with 50 millisecond latency. Some of the world’s largest ISPs and telcos use Equinix’s Amsterdam data centers as a key traffic hub for Europe given its extensive network choice and peering opportunities. In fact, 75% of all international IP traffic comes through the Equinix Amsterdam campus with AM7 as the largest internet traffic site in the Netherlands. Network density (300+ network service providers) and the demand for colocation with leading cloud providers, financial services organizations, and enterprise customers and prospects are the drivers for data center growth in Amsterdam. Equinix has extended the capacity of AM7 to 4,125 sq. meters/44,401 sq. ft. It also delivers exceptional operational and energy efficiency ꟷ operating today on 100% renewable energy, we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability.

Companies making a difference in the world from Equinix Amsterdam

With 9,800 customers in our 200 data centers worldwide, we have the opportunity to see many companies realize their digital futures at Equinix. Here are some examples of enterprise customers and service providers within our Equinix Amsterdam campus that have leveraged Platform Equinix to achieve digital transformation:

Bluemine: Netherland’s-based business intelligence and big data specialist Bluemine implements high-quality software tools for its customers on Platform Equinix®, while interconnecting to cloud-based business intelligence providers via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™). “The reason we chose Equinix is ECX Fabric-the ability to mix hardware bare metal in combination with virtualization. Equinix is one of the very few providers that can deliver this,” said Michael Doves, Chief Sales Officer, Bluemine.

Deloitte: Deloitte has been offering its managed security monitoring solutions and Risk Intelligence Centers to its customers worldwide for over a decade. Deloitte provides its customers with its cloud-based managed security monitoring solution, leveraging Equinix IBX data centers and the Equinix Cloud Exchange, in multiple locations around the world, including the Netherlands. Said Deloitte Risk Advisory and Technology Enabled Solutions senior manager Coen Steenbeek, “Equinix is tremendously responsive and proactive. Delivering the services through the Cloud Exchange works specifically well with our larger clients that use multiple cloud solutions, which we can now monitor much more efficiently,”

Motiv: Managed security solution provider (MSSP), Motiv ICT Security provides hosted security operations center (SOC) solutions that help companies prevent cybercrime, data theft and data leakage. The Dutch MSSP is an Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™) partner and reseller offering its Motiv SOC solution and services to its customers. “Our security monitoring solution’s real-time alerting gets quicker insights to our customers so they can immediately analyze and solve problems,” said Motiv senior technology specialist, Maarten Lutterman. “Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, with its fast and secure multicloud access, is the underlying interconnection platform that’s making it all happen.”

Fysiologic – Fysiologic, a Netherlands-based medical technology company, improves the quality of ECG analysis in hopes to help identify heart problems at early stages. To help Fysiologic solve its data storage and compliance challenges, Equinix and Damecon partnered to provide a collaborative solution made up of Damecon’s secure S3 platform, combined with ECX Fabric on Platform Equinix. Fysiologic’s patient data was moved to secure IBX data centers-rigorously maintained to meet the highest levels of standards and compliance-to protect Fysiologic’s sensitive patient data. “Fysiologic’s customers are hospitals and healthcare providers, who need to access data quickly, and from any device. They need patient data to be kept in-country, but they also need it to be shareable. This is why Equinix is perfect for us,” said Odin Nijenhuis, Head of Business Development, Damecon.

Come join us at our Equinix AM7 launch event and hear trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker Richard van Hooijdonk talk about the latest global tech trends and will take you on a digital journey to 2030! Equinix Chairman of the Board, Peter van Camp will also speak on our vision for the future at Equinix.

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