Equinix CEO: My First 100 Days #InServiceTo

Charles Meyers

As we kick off the New Year and I reach the end of my first 100 days as CEO, I have been reflecting – as many of us do at this time of year – on what I am most grateful for and what I am looking forward to in 2019.

The past 100 days for me have been filled visiting Equinix locations around the world, listening to our customers, partners and employees, and gaining insight on what we are doing well and areas we can improve upon moving forward. I am excited, proud and humbled by the truly extraordinary place Equinix is and the position of trust we hold with our customers around the world. I am also grateful to my 8,000 colleagues that come to work every day to make it all possible.

While Equinix has a remarkable track record of innovation, customer-centricity, operational excellence and 63 consecutive quarters of growth, we – like any company with ambition in a disruptive age – will need to continuously strive to evolve.

In my travels and interactions, I heard from customers that the value we provide is distinct, but that we can do more to help them adopt hybrid, multicloud architectures, and that we must continue to evolve our buying process. I heard from our partners that they are fired up about the prospect of providing their solutions and making them easier to procure on Platform Equinix. And I heard from our employees that they should be empowered to work on behalf of customers quickly and effectively – putting them at the center of everything we do.

Over the last few months, I have used #inserviceto to describe how I view my role and how I am asking my colleagues to come into work every day. I must say, I have been delighted with how this has resonated with our team around the world and how the Magic of Equinix shows up so powerfully when we talk openly about our commitment to serve each other, our customers, our partners, our investors and the communities in which we operate. Central to #inserviceto is creating a work environment where every employee can confidently say, “I’m safe, I belong and I matter.” This concept, and our focus on diversity, belonging and inclusion as a core business issue, has also been met with incredible enthusiasm around the world. And that’s not just because reports prove that it’s a smart thing for business, but more importantly, because it’s the right thing to do.

From our start 20 years ago, Equinix has had a passion to enable digital transformation and a vision to build a more connected world. And with my first 100 days as CEO officially in the books, I’m more convinced than ever we are not only executing a winning strategy, but I’m confident we have the best hand in the business.

While the world is changing at a faster pace today than ever before, Equinix continues to sit at the intersection of some of the most disruptive and critical technology trends of our time. We will continue to evolve, remaining laser-focused on building our global platform to help customers reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything. And we will do that by building on our distinctive strengths – superior global reach, scaled digital ecosystems, the most comprehensive interconnection portfolio in the industry and deep customer trust, fostered by a 20-year track record of service excellence.

Looking at the road ahead, it seems clear that 2019 will be a challenging and uncertain year around the world, but if we keep a long-term perspective, focus on what we can control and remain resolute in executing against our strategy, then we will continue to unlock the exceptional opportunity in front of us. We no doubt have ambitious goals before us, but I’m confident we have more than enough drive, passion and talent to get us there. As we embark on the start of a new year, I look forward to creating a more interconnected world, together.

Charles Meyers
Charles Meyers President & CEO of Equinix