10 Photos of Equinix Los Angeles – The Center of Interconnection & Entertainment

10 Photos of Equinix Los Angeles – The Center of Interconnection & Entertainment

If there is one thing that this last week’s 91st Academy Awards demonstrated, filmmaking is a global enterprise. It demands collaboration in production and post production workflows that requires high speed interconnection and reliable data management of massive data files between remote locations and metros worldwide. This is why the Los Angeles (LA) Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers are a hub for the entertainment industry. Our LA IBX data centers host content and digital media creators, producers, content delivery networks and cloud providers within a vibrant Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™) .

The LA IBX data centers are also the home of global subsea cable landing stations (CLSs) that interconnect metros worldwide over high-speed submarine cable systems to carry massive amounts of content and digital media (CDM) traffic between globally distributed filming locations and production and post-production partners. For example, Google selected the Equinix LA4 IBX data center for its Los Angeles CLS to support its Curie subsea cable system that runs between Chile and the western U.S. The Southern Cross Cable Network also connects Equinix IBX data centers in Los Angeles (LA1) and Silicon Valley (SV1 and SV8) to existing deployments in Sydney (SY1), providing a high-capacity fiber route between Australia and the U.S. West Coast. This enables Australian businesses, such as cloud-based, NetApp private storage partner ASE to access rich, LA-based entertainment and financial markets.

With so much happening inside our LA IBX data centers, we thought you’d enjoy this photo montage of our LA area facilities.

Welcome to LA4.


Inside the lobby.


Outside LA3.


And outside of LA7.


Inside LA7.


More LA7.



A conference room in LA1.


Entering the colocation space of LA4.




To learn more about how Equinix supports the global content and digital media entertainment industry, read the CDM Playbook.


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