Equinix Congratulates 2018 Partner Award Winners

Greg Adgate
Equinix Congratulates 2018 Partner Award Winners

“Two heads are better than one,” is a saying recognized in most cultures around the world because the meaning is simple – two can accomplish more than one. It’s a great adage to apply to the increasingly complex and distributed IT architectures of today.

At Equinix, we take that one step further – we believe in the “Power of Three”, which goes beyond partnering. With 3 or more partners, you have an ecosystem. Research shows that today’s businesses are increasingly favoring suppliers that can help them innovate using more complex ecosystems. According to IDC, 30% of partner to partner engagements in 2021 will involve more than two partners, with many of these forming a formal consortia. Partners that adopt an ecosystem business model will grow 50% faster than partners that do not.i

Collaborating for success

The Equinix Partner Program is a rich ecosystem of top providers who help customers design and deploy optimal multicloud solutions-whether public, private or hybrid. Our partners collaborate with us to deliver integrated solutions, tailor-made to fit customer needs. The investment that our partners are making in building integrated solutions and go-to-market programs has resulted in record bookings for our channel program, more wins for our partners and better outcomes for our shared customers.

Each year we take a moment to celebrate those partners who excelled in their efforts to better serve their customers while taking advantage of the Equinix partner ecosystem. This year we are delighted to announce the winners of the Equinix 2018 Partner Awards:

  • Top Master Agent – Avant
  • Top Real Estate Broker – CBRE
  • Top Alliance Partner – Microsoft
  • Top Americas Reseller – AT&T
  • Americas New Partner of the Year – Presidio
  • Top EMEA Reseller – Orange Business Services
  • Top EMEA Systems Integrator – Accenture Italy
  • Top EMEA Marketing Partner – MatrixMind
  • Top EMEA Growth Partner – Proact
  • Top APAC Reseller Global – Zenlayer
  • Top APAC Regional Reseller – Telstra

We would like to congratulate all our partner winners and thank each of them for their contributions to helping customers with their digital transformation on Platform Equinix.

Looking Ahead: Ecosystems essential for digital success

As the digital economy advances, agility and collaboration are crucial for companies to stay viable and discover new areas of growth. Strategic partnerships across a strong ecosystem of players can accelerate competitive advantage, innovation, speed to market, business reach, agility and value creation. As the world’s largest marketplace of partners and providers, Platform Equinix® has become an essential destination for companies looking to grow as a digital business. More than 9,800 customers in 24 countries are connecting with each other on Platform Equinix using Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) best practices. The resulting partner program collaborations and interactions are helping deliver products and services to market faster, keep pace with shifting industry trends and find new growth opportunities.

A recent IDC report, “Worldwide IT Channels and Alliances 2019 Predictions,” notes the following two predictions:i

  1. Ecosystem Value (EV) Becomes a KPI: The ability to partner will be a key indicator of company value and success. By 2022, 30% of spend will be developed and consumed through ecosystems.
  2. Partners Focus by Use Case: End customers want faster, cheaper, multi-vendor solutions that provide trackable business value. By 2021, 65%+ of partners will focus efforts by vertical or functional use case, with partners building their own services, software, and hardware IP.

Better together

Our 2018 partner award winners are all excellent examples of these approaches in action. Not only did they all partner to better serve their customers, but they also built new business value by tapping the power of ecosystems and enabling essential use cases. The Equinix ecosystem provides our partners with the ability to integrate and assemble secure, scalable hybrid solutions in a repeatable manner around the world.

Equinix will continue working with Partners to build joint solutions focused around customer use cases and business outcomes. Let’s deliver even more value in 2019 than we did in 2018. That would be a win-win-win for our customers, you and Equinix. The Power of Three.

[i] IDC, Worldwide IT Channels and Alliances 2019 Predictions, Feb 2019, Doc #WC20190131




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