9 Amazing Photos from the Digital Edge

Phil Schwarzmann

Last week Equinix announced that we will open 12 new International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers and expand 23 existing IBX data centers in 2019. We’ve already opened the doors to facilities in Paris and Shanghai, with locations opening soon in Helsinki, Sofia, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, Seoul, Warsaw, Hamburg, Sydney, and Singapore.

While our upcoming data centers may not be ready for any Kodak moments quite yet, we wanted to share some photos of existing data centers in locations that will see an extension of Platform Equinix® in 2019, further enabling companies to deploy their IT infrastructure and services at the digital edge in more than 50 metros across the globe.

PA6 in Paris, France.


On the roof of SG3 in Singapore.


Overlooking the lobby of SY4 in Sydney, Australia.


Inside the colo space of TY5 in Tokyo, Japan.


SO1 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


In the break room at ME1 in Melbourne, Australia.


LD9 in London, England.


Colocation floor of WA2 in Warsaw, Poland.


Inside SH5 in Shanghai, China.


Phil Schwarzmann Social Media Engagement Manager