MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Leads the Way to the Smarter Enterprise

Phil Schwarzmann

Last month, CIOs, senior executives, industry experts and peers gathered at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2019 on “Leading the Smarter Enterprise.” According to MIT, “The Smarter Enterprise leverages data, machine learning, AI, and other insightful technologies to create organizations that are deeply engaged with customers and other stakeholders.”

Today’s enterprises are looking to transform their IT infrastructures and processes to infuse data-driven insights into every aspect of their business. To do this successfully, they need to build a smarter foundation where they can work collaboratively, promote talent growth, become more consumer/customer-oriented and bring solutions to market faster.

Says the experts at MIT, “Smarter enterprises require smarter CIOs and technologists.”

The MIT CIO symposium helps today’s business and technology leaders understand the revolutionary potential of insightful technologies and how to scale them across their enterprises for a greater competitive advantage.

Equinix leaders layout strategies for leading the Smarter Enterprise

The symposium’s panel discussions included Equinix’s Ryan Mallory, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Enablement, and Jon Lin, who was recently appointed President, Americas for Equinix.

Mallory spoke as part of the Get Ready for The Platform Transition panel discussion, which covered the key steps businesses needed to take to adopt a platform strategy. These steps include creating an architecture that supports different platforms, building consistent data models and recruiting the right talent to execute the strategy once the infrastructure is in place. Said Mallory, “We (Equinix) are a platform provider but also a platform consumer…This focal point that we have around our Platform 2.0 model that we’re offering out to the marketplace, we are using it internally….When we look at this from the consumption of the platform perspective, it’s about looking at what the customer really wants, enabling that and presenting it in a manner that’s really useable.”

The panel was moderated by Dr. Geoff Parker, SM ’93, PhD ’98, Research Fellow and Visiting Scholar, MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy, and included the following other speakers:

  • Adriana Karaboutis, Chief Information and Digital Officer, National Grid
  • Mannu Lodha, MBA ’17, Director, Industry 4.0 Portfolio and Sales, Tetra Pak
  • Frank Pohlgeers, Head of the Chief Digital Office Global, Deutsche Bank

Lin moderated a panel on System Reboot: Modernizing Your Legacy Technologies, which looked at how smarter enterprises require a nimbler technology infrastructure for digital transformation. This includes creating a clear strategy, gaining business sponsorship, and understanding the interconnections between partners, customers and in-house infrastructure to modernize legacy technologies. The speakers included:

  • Antonio Figueiredo, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, Salesforce
  • Dave Hoag, Senior Vice President and CIO, The Options Clearing Corporation
  • Beth O’Rorke, CIO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Jean Kneisler, Vice President and CTO, Jabil

Learn more by reading the Platform Equinix Vision paper.

Phil Schwarzmann
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