Emerging Dynamics offers Cyber Defense through Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric

How Interconnection facilitates military-level cybersecurity

Michiel Eielts

Cybersecurity risk is one of the key drivers of interconnection, as the second annual Global Interconnection Index (the GXI), a market study published by Equinix, concluded. By 2021, the global cost of cybersecurity breaches is projected to reach US $6 trillion, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.  Cyber Firms are increasingly shifting towards private data traffic exchange to bypass the public internet and mitigate against digital threats.

One of the organizations that rely on interconnection for the highest level of security imaginable is Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN). This European cyber defense specialist now offers cyber and intelligence solutions and military-grade encryption solutions from one of Equinix Cloud Exchange FabricTM (ECX FabricTM) locations in Amsterdam. The partnership with Equinix allows EMDYN to directly interconnect with numerous telecom parties and service providers in a facility that meets the stringent security requirements.

EMDYN founder and CEO Tim Van Renterghem explains why the company chose to team up with Equinix.

Proactive approach

EMDYN was founded in 2008, with a focus on cybersecurity and intelligence. “Back then, our proactive approach to cyber defense made us pioneers”, Van Renterghem said. “We don’t just help our customers to solve cyber issues such as data theft or firewall breaches, but we also map potential threats before they actually happen.”

The company started in an industry that has some of the highest security standards and protocols in the world: “We have worked for government organizations for years. Recently, we expanded our focus to other organizations with a critical infrastructure, such as oil and gas companies. Increasingly, we are entering the enterprise market. “You could say that our customers are organizations that require the highest level of proactive security – and are aware of it.”

Protecting petabytes of data

The core business of EMDYN consists of tailor-made security and intelligence solutions and the protection of data at rest and in transit, with military grade encryption. “We offer four core services” Van Renterghem explains. “Cyber and Intelligence, Surveillance, Integrated Services and Managed Services/Vendor Services. Cyber & Intelligence is all about data collection and providing early warnings and indicators coming from the digital domain. These can come from the Open Source, Closed Source and Deep/Dark Web. One of the Open Source monitoring solutions is TV Monitoring. Our systems transcribe every word that is said on TV – whether it’s in English, German, French, Chinese or Arabic. Those transcripts are searchable. This means that we can analyze vast amounts of open-source data to identify potential threats for our customers.”

The second pillar of EMDYN’s offering is Surveillance: “Our solutions allow biometric identification of voice and faces up to advanced security analytics. We have a strong biometric functionality that can identify who said what on public television and radio. Our solutions scale up to the identification of millions of entities.

Integrated Services is the third pillar. “EMDYN likes to innovate and deliver answers to complex problems. We see technology integration as the building blocks of high-grade analytics, applying custom software development to existing environments to make new capabilities available to clients.”

Fourth, EMDYN offers Vendor Services. Van Renterghem: “We manage and host several security products for multiple software vendors in different regions. It is vital for our customers that the applications are protected to the highest level and available close to where our users are.”

ECX FabricTM

That need for processing huge amounts of data as securely and close by as possible prompted EMDYN to enter into a partnership with Equinix. “ECX FabricTM allows us to interconnect with our customers flexibly. This is especially important for resources that need to be shared via the public cloud. Interconnection enables us to exchange data between our customers and public cloud services with the highest security standards across multiple regions. Also, the Equinix facility in Amsterdam allows us to physically secure our equipment.”

Van Renterghem is convinced that interconnection is key to offering military-level security. “At this moment, we are talking to a customer that has asked us to enable encrypted connections between their data center and any other location in the world. ECX FabricTM allows that by offering access to multiple locations where we can deliver direct protected connections.”

This development facilitates a bigger trend the CEO sees in the industry: “There is increasing demand for the defense-quality security services in industries outside the military and government. We are currently serving 700,000 end users on our infrastructure across Europe, and there is a growing interest in the enterprise market. Big organizations are realizing more and more that the best way to handle security is proactively, instead of extinguishing fires when they occur.”

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