Verizon SDI Enables Enterprise Network Connectivity for Equinix Customers

Stefan Raab
Verizon SDI Enables Enterprise Network Connectivity for Equinix Customers

As enterprises expand their IT resources beyond corporate data centers, they require fast, secure, reliable connections to colocation centers and the services they provide. Internet connections are one option. They are inexpensive, but enterprises demanding optimum performance from network resources may face challenges to predictability and the ability to control and monitor performance.

One alternative is a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) connection that delivers the required functionality and serves to remedy the shortcomings of the internet approach. However, the procurement, installation and configuration of physical assets to establish the connection can take months. When the IT world moves at cloud velocity, traditional telco implementation time is unacceptable. Enterprises have come to expect on-demand capabilities for establishing the necessary connections and the benefits of software-defined network management.

Verizon Software-Defined Interconnect: colocation connectivity in minutes

The growth of distributed cloud deployments that deliver greater efficiency, flexibility and functionality in data and application management has fostered an increasing demand to connect customer networks to colocation services. To address this vital need, Verizon has developed Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI), a solution that works with Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric) to make available a wide range of software-defined network resources. Verizon SDI eliminates the need for dedicated access circuits and enables an enterprise to establish a private, direct IP network connection to Equinix global data centers, on-demand, in minutes.

Connect in minutes, not weeks or months

Using an automated API that governs the network-to-network interface (NNI), Verizon has collaborated with Equinix to pre-provision Verizon Private IP bandwidth with ECX Fabric to eliminate the delays associated with dedicated physical connections. The combination of Verizon SDI and ECX Fabric™ makes secure colocation interconnections faster and easier for clients to implement, often with significantly lower cost compared to physical provisioning.

Verizon SDI facilitates management of hybrid IT resources

Verizon SDI already enables enterprises in industries such as manufacturing, financial services and banking to take advantage of software-defined networking capabilities to manage distributed IT resources available via Equinix colocation centers. Using Verizon SDI, an enterprise establishes a secure, reliable connection to the Equinix colocation center. Via that connection an enterprise can support hybrid deployments of IT resources located on-premises and available at the colocation center.

Secure, reliable, manageable connections without delay

Verizon SDI and ECX Fabric empower enterprises to quickly provision and manage data-intensive network traffic at cloud velocity. By eliminating delays associated with dedicated physical connections, enterprises take advantage of software-defined network capabilities to:

  • Reduce network and connectivity costs via fast, reliable connections between the enterprise and Equinix colocation data centers.
  • Accelerate time to revenue for new services and applications while ensuring an optimal user experience.
  • Take advantage of software-defined networks and virtual network functions to tailor network performance to meet changing processing demands.

The combination of Verizon SDI and the ECX Fabric provides an ideal platform for the journey from legacy systems to the creation of a modern, software-defined network infrastructure. Verizon SDI is transforming the way telecom providers now deliver network services. It eliminates protracted waiting periods for physical MPLS connections and addresses the shortcomings of low-cost internet connections.

With Verizon SDI, enterprises accelerate time to value for new services by establishing secure connections to Equinix colocation centers on-demand. They can efficiently manage those connections to optimize performance and take advantage of the wealth of global interconnections and colocation resources made available by Equinix.

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