The Top 10 Equinix Blog Posts of 2019

Phil Schwarzmann
The Top 10 Equinix Blog Posts of 2019

In the era of 280 character tweets and Instagram selfies, we in the Equinix Social Media team take great pride in our belief of long-form journalism – and that is very apparent here on Interconnections, the Equinix blog, where we published 248 blog posts in 2019 from dozens of authors around the company, and in 11 languages.

If you happened to miss one of our articles from this year, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 most read posts.  What was your favorite from 2019?

#10 – The Future of Cloud Gaming by Jim Poole, Vice President, Business Development, Equinix

As online gaming takes to the cloud, game developers, hyperscale cloud providers and players are all winning by harnessing the power of scalable high performance, low-latency interconnection at the edge…

These innovations in gaming all have one critical dependency that could be a gaming experience killer: Latency.

#9 – Transform your Business with a Hybrid and Multicloud Strategy by Tejaswini Tilak, Senior Director, Solution Marketing, Equinix Asia-Pacific

Hybrid multicloud will play a key role as organizations address the challenges of managing data access between private networks and public clouds. With interconnection acting as the bridge to securely and directly connect cloud service providers and enterprises, companies will be able to continue their business transformation journey and develop deeply innovative and lucrative business models for future growth…

Connecting to multiple clouds in a distributed IT model, where data, applications and even security needs to be installed closer to the users and data, requires an infrastructure strategy that is connected, integrated, secure and scalable to bridge the physical and virtual worlds as companies innovate for growth and survival.

#8 – Why Are Smart Cities Booming in Asia Pacific? by Daniel Ong, Principal Solutions Architect, Equinix

A common design pattern for smart cities, leveraging Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®) best practices can help accelerate the development of many different smart city applications using advanced technologies such as IoT and AI…

Private traffic exchange enables businesses and smart city service providers operating in these megacities to overcome security challenges, as well as those related to latency, scale and availability.

#7 – Encryption Key Management Best Practices by Imam Sheikh, Senior Director, Security Products, Equinix

HSM as a Service is available as SmartKey from Equinix. SmartKey simplifies the provisioning and control of encryption keys…

Cloud security management can be challenging, but SmartKey offers simplicity and security.

#6 – 4 Examples of Smart City Innovations in the U.S. and Canada by Sanjeevan Srikrishnan, Sr Global Solutions Architect, Equinix

Getting to a smart city platform that provides a seamless, integrated experience for citizens requires digital ecosystems where multiple players can participate, collaborate and exchange data through low-latency private interconnection…

Data exchange is essential for smart cities to succeed in their promise to deliver safer, healthier and more sustainable communities.

Equinix SmartKey supports encryption key management best practices that are needed for enterprises using multicloud environments.

#5 – A Practical Guide to Artificial Intelligence for the Data Center by David Hall, Senior Director Technology Innovation, Equinix

In this rapidly changing landscape, the data center must also evolve to intelligently handle increasingly complex workloads…

Thanks to Equinix’s investment in IBX SmartView™, we are able to flexibly access the data that we need to improve our models.

#4 – How SDN and NFV Technologies Are Transforming Network Management by John Hanahan, Sr Director, Product Management, Equinix

The genesis of NFV was the need for faster deployment of network services in response to business growth…

Platform Equinix is aiming to provide a global infrastructure to provide, integrate and interconnect virtual networking services, such as Cisco, with our software-defined interconnection, ECX Fabric.

#3 – Network Speed vs. Bandwidth? by Steve Madden, Vice President, Global Segment Marketing

Can you really compare network speed with network bandwidth? Though interrelated, they are two very different things…

By distributing your IT infrastructures to the edge and leveraging the proximity to vital digital and business ecosystems, you can reduce costs and realize a greater ROI from your Interconnection Bandwidth capacity

#2 – Equinix and GIC Launch Hyperscale Joint Venture by Eric Schwartz, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Equinix

Hyperscale businesses are planning ahead for a world that is going increasingly digital…

xScale data centers will provide the access to Equinix’s comprehensive suite of interconnection and edge services that will tie into the hyperscale companies’ existing access points at Equinix, and increase the speed of connectivity to their existing and future enterprise customers.

#1 The Future of 5G: What Will the Impact Be? by Simon Lockington, Director of Global Solution Architecture, Equinix APAC

If there is one thing living in this accelerating digital world has taught us it is that speed is everything…

Faster speeds and higher capacity networks invite more data to be exchanged over a wider area by more distributed devices. Cisco estimates that by 2022, 12% of global mobile traffic will be on 5G cellular connectivity and the average 5G connection will generate 21 GB of traffic per month globally.

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