A Joyful Year #InServiceTo

Charles Meyers
A Joyful Year #InServiceTo

As the end of the year approaches, I’ve been reflecting on what a remarkable year 2019 has been for Equinix. By continuing to play the best hand in the business and keeping the customer at the center of everything we do, we continued to expand our geographic reach and enhance our portfolio of solutions on Platform Equinix. And we did so in joyful service to one another, our customers, partners, shareholders, and the world we live in.

In service to each other, we continued to exemplify our values, putting “we” before “me” and bringing the Magic of Equinix to life each day.  We also made meaningful strides toward creating a workplace culture where all of us can bring our whole selves to work and be confident in saying “I’m Safe, I Belong and I Matter.”

In service to our customers and partners, we continued to extend the reach and value of our platform. Expanding our global footprint with new data center operations in Seoul and Hamburg, and announcing a new acquisition in Mexico. We also enhanced our market-leading interconnection portfolio with ECX Fabric inter-regional connectivity and launched Network Edge, our new virtual network services offering.

In service to our shareholders, we furthered our market leadership, delivering our 67th consecutive quarter of revenue growth, and driving exceptional equity returns for the year. We also achieved investment-grade credit ratings this year, further enhancing our balance sheet and enabling us to invest in meaningful growth opportunities across the business.

In service to the world and the communities in which we live and work, we placed a significant focus on our corporate sustainability efforts. Through Equinix Impact events all over the world, we collectively donated more than $1 million and volunteered more than 12,000 hours in community service……and our overall sustainability program received industry-wide recognition for our efforts.

As a result of all these efforts, and thanks to our incredible team of nearly 10,000 committed team members, we end 2019 stronger than ever and deeply committed to lifting each other up in service to our customers, partners, shareholders, and our communities in 2020 and beyond.

Looking ahead to the coming year, it will be exciting to see trends like hybrid multicloud, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data regulation and sustainability continue to evolve enterprise IT infrastructures. With the pace of digital transformation rapidly accelerating in the next decade, and distributed, hybrid multicloud deployments rapidly becoming the de facto architecture of choice, we look forward to expanding and enhancing Platform Equinix as we progress on our journey to become the trusted center of the cloud-first world.

As we move into the next decade, I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Equinix. We look forward to another amazing year and remain in joyful service to all of you as we make 2020 our best year yet!

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Charles Meyers President & CEO of Equinix
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