Ensuring Service Delivery During Challenging Times

Vital actions for risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery when supporting a growing remote workforce

Jim Poole
Ensuring Service Delivery During Challenging Times

These are trying times for all of us. The challenges that the COVID-19 virus has presented the world’s governments, businesses, schools and families have been a real test of our agility in responding to a fast-changing situation. But it is also a testament to how resourceful and resilient we are as a global community, and how coming together in difficult times is what we do best.

In this current climate, businesses are looking for proactive ways to best support a growing remote workforce of employees, partners and customers. A recent report from Uptime Institute Intelligence recommends, “Business continuity plans should be updated to include prophylactic measures (e.g., requiring essential staff to be vaccinated at the start of each “flu season”) and preparedness measures (reviewing digital resilience, site redundancy, vendor SLAs, etc.).” In addition, companies should “Review disaster recovery plans, procedures and policies (e.g., SOPs, method of procedures, EOPs), statements of objectives, etc. and update as necessary for current and anticipated conditions.”[i]

We’d like to share some of the insights that we are providing to our customers and partners to help them reinforce their business operations to address whatever may come their way.

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Increasing Business Risk Mitigation Agility

Business operations depend on IT infrastructure being available at all times, ensuring that data is safeguarded and operations continue. And an important aspect of staying online is maintaining redundant power supplies. Here are some more best practices for increasing your risk mitigation agility.

Improving Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Readiness

Keeping your business up and running regardless of any disruption (planned or unplanned) is a critical requirement for every company across every industry. See how deploying business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions and management can reinforce your ability to continuously serve your users.

Ensuring Multicloud High Availability

Leveraging clouds not only increases business operations agility and scalability, but multicloud high availability (HA) can help protect your enterprise’s valuable application and data assets. Mastering  multicloud HA means achieving three different levels of high availability in the cloud: data-to-data: application-to-application and cloud-to-cloud.

In upcoming blogs, we’ll be sharing strategies for increasing your business’s agility to support a growing remote workforce, ensure your operations are resilient, optimize your network performance, and protect the critical data on which your company and customers rely.

Data Protection in the Cloud

AssuredDP offers a cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution powered by Rubrik’s comprehensive automated, data management platform, which uniquely backs up and recovers data and applications across customer premises, hyperscaler clouds and third-party data centers. The company leverages Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™) for its Rubrik Cloud solution to reach into customers’ instances on public cloud platforms to orchestrate a granular level of data replication and re-instantiation using any environment—on-premises, public cloud or Equinix IBX data center—for optimized data recovery and operation.

Read more about how to create more resilient business continuity and disaster recovery infrastructures with Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric.

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