Equinix Drives OCI Utilization

The Partnership Advantage: Discover why you should be working with Equinix

Robert Blackburn
Pragnesh Panchal

The Equinix interconnection platform delivers seamless, private connectivity to Oracle Cloud in six metros in the US, Europe and APAC. Enterprise customers with a presence in these Equinix IBX data centers leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect, giving them a high-performance, private access to Oracle Cloud.

Working with Equinix can help streamline deals.

Remove sales barriers: Oracle Cloud sellers have been able to overcome cloud performance concerns by positioning Platform Equinix and Oracle FastConnectTM as the on ramp to high performance, reliable hybrid clouds at the digital edge.

Simplify data center migration: With many Oracle customers already in Equinix data centers, we can work together to identify the geos that will optimize workload & data migration to Oracle Cloud.

Assures consistent performance: FastConnectTM via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric ensures consistent cloud service performance.

Multicloud Connectivity: Equinix enables multicloud connectivity – a majority of Oracle customers have access to multiple CSPs.

Faster consumption: Equinix makes it easier and faster to connect to Oracle Cloud and consume more OCI services

Driving Oracle Cloud Solutions

Learn how Equinix makes it easier and faster to lift & shift other on-prem applications and migrate workloads & data from other public clouds to Oracle Cloud (cloud to cloud).

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Robert Blackburn
Robert Blackburn Global Managing Director
Pragnesh Panchal
Pragnesh Panchal Principal Solutions Architect - Strategic Alliances