Step Your Virtual Meeting Game Up with These Data Center Backgrounds

Step Your Virtual Meeting Game Up with These Data Center Backgrounds

Here at Equinix our days have been filled with most of us working from home and keeping very busy jumping from one online meeting to another.  We are sure that many of our customers and partners have been experiencing the same thing.

Today, our entire industry is considered “critical infrastructure” by many government entities.  Data centers are a major part of the core infrastructure of the internet today keeping digital business going and allowing many of us to work from home, stream movies, and even continue their education (no matter what grade someone is in today).  Platform Equinix™ today sits at the center of the internet as the world’s largest global platform of interconnected data centers and business ecosystems supporting companies and industries across the globe.

We figure there is no better place to be for any virtual meeting than at the center of it all – An Equinix IBX® Data Center.  Today, we are introducing Equinix IBX themed virtual background for use on Zoom, or other virtual meeting platforms that allow for customer virtual backgrounds.  For your next meeting with friends, colleagues, customers, or event your family, download one or more of these images to get started.

Here’s some easy instructions if you are using Zoom:

  • Scroll through the images below and save your favorites to your computer desktop.
  • Now head to Zoom and log in. (For a how-to video on background changing, go here or here. )
  • In the upper-right corner; click the settings gear icon.
  • Head on over to “video” in the left column to make sure your lighting is correct, and neither too bright nor too dark.
  • Then click “virtual background” from the left-hand-side bar.
  • Click the plus-sign icon to upload your favorite Equinix data center virtual background. (Get stuck? Review the video.)

Click on each image to download:


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