Interconnection Use Cases for Remote Workers and Locations

Webinar demonstrates how to rapidly scale SD-WAN connections between locations, employees, partners, customers and cloud services

Stefan Raab

The combination of digital transformation projects and decentralized workforces have network administrators rethinking how to deliver the predictable, reliable and controllable networks that meet the changing needs of employees, customers and partners.

Users are tired of waiting for the network and not being able to connect to what they want, from where they are. This is happening because most company’s IT infrastructure and network architectures are centered around the physical locations where their data lives. In most cases, that is the basement of a company’s headquarters or a private data center. These are not ideal locations to handle the growing data access demands of modern, global digital businesses. Today, data needs to be where people are, not just the physical corporate locations where the applications and systems reside. This means that today’s systems need to be at edge locations to support the interactions between your business and its employees, customers, partners and supply chains.

Learn How to Quickly Scale a Remote Workforce & Improve Online Collaboration

See how Platform Equinix™ gives you the ability to rapidly scale connections between workers, customers and critical cloud services to meet fast-changing business demands.

Learn How

My webinar on Next Generation Interconnection shows IT professionals how they can get their data out of the basement and into more easily accessible, interconnected edge locations where data can serve as a true business enabler.

By watching the webinar you’ll learn:

  • The six steps you’ll need to take to create a modern digital infrastructure
  • The strategic benefits of network, hybrid multicloud and partner ecosystem interconnection using Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™) and Network Edge services from Equinix
  • How to reduce network latency and make cost-effective network infrastructure decisions

To bring these concepts to life, I describe a hypothetical use case about a UK-based grocery business expanding its operations in two U.S. cities. This company was able to build an integrated, agile network with edge presence on the East and West coasts on Platform Equinix®. I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process behind how the company built out a new network infrastructure in the U.S. that remotely connects to its existing MPLS network in London using ECX Fabric. Then, I’ll show you how the company used Network Edge to deploy a virtual SD-WAN device and quickly link together its East and West coast stores.

With a few mouse clicks on ECX Fabric Portal, you’ll see how the UK grocer quickly built a network infrastructure and added cloud providers and an edge infrastructure presence across two continents. Their business users then could access business applications locally in London or across the pond in the U.S. All of this network provisioning work was accomplished and operational in a single afternoon.

ECX Fabric and Network Edge services are game changers that allow businesses to interact more effectively with employees, customers, supply chains and partners. This webinar will give you some new insights into how quick and easy it is to create a virtual network edge presence and access clouds, partners, customers and your own digital infrastructure in a streamlined fashion.

View the Next Generation Interconnection webinar now.

Stefan Raab Global Principal at Equinix
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