Equinix and Google Provide Anthos on Packet Bare Metal

Automate hybrid multicloud application deployments via Anthos GKE on Packet Bare Metal-as-a-Service

Jacob Smith

Equinix and Google are long-time partners, working together to simplify application migration for customers moving to the cloud with solutions such as Google Anthos and Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™). Now that we are an Equinix company, Packet is bringing its automated bare metal to the equation, providing a powerful and efficient new way for customers to accelerate their hybrid multicloud strategies.

We’ve enjoyed a long collaboration with the Google Anthos team, providing bare metal as a substrate for Anthos partner presentations at Google NEXT in 2019. Since then, we’ve worked closely with Google and their partner ecosystem to provide a seamless experience for Anthos, with deployments in under an hour. With hundreds of deployments under our belts, we are expanding availability of Anthos GKE on Packet’s automated bare metal-as-a-service on Platform Equinix®.

Anthos Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a management and orchestration system for Docker containers and container clusters that run within Google’s public cloud services. Anthos provides a platform for developing and running modern applications on a customers’ infrastructure of choice, regardless of size and geographic location. Anthos GKE on-prem installer on Packet’s bare metal enables Anthos customers, authorized partners and Google stakeholders to accelerate on-premises application migration to Google Cloud, as well as other cloud platforms.

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Designed for a hybrid, multi-cloud world and built on open source technologies powered by Google, Anthos delivers a consistent experience from on-prem to cloud.

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Automating container orchestration and management in a hybrid environment

Many customers need to deploy IT infrastructure in specific locations such as Equinix’s interconnection rich IBX’s or in regions without Google Cloud. Anthos on Packet allows enterprises and service providers to manage, secure and migrate workloads between Google Cloud, other clouds and on-premises (on-prem) environments where and when they need it. This seamless integration between Packet bare metal and Google Cloud services on Platform Equinix delivers an enterprise-grade container orchestration and management service for Kubernetes clusters anywhere.

Hybrid multicloud applications can be deployed quickly leveraging the private connectivity to Google Cloud and other cloud providers on Platform Equinix via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™) software-defined interconnection. Or you can leverage virtual network devices via Network Edge services from Equinix to connect to clouds in minutes without deploying any additional hardware. And as more workloads are being processed at the edge, leveraging Anthos GKE with Packet bare metal and Google Cloud services can enable edge computing strategies and data processing deployments.

The benefits of deploying Anthos on Packet on Platform Equinix include:

  • Global Access: Packet, an Equinix Company, provides businesses with access to a global footprint that is home to dense ecosystems of major cloud and network providers.
  • Dedicated Environments: Replicate a powerful, single-tenant enterprise compute and storage environment with a single API call with automated Packet bare metal.
  • Fast Deployments: Using Packet’s bare metal and Terraform scripts, deploy Anthos on Packet in approximately one hour using a single command, versus multiple days ̶  speeding time to development.
  • Low-Latency Connections: Realize zero latency for faster cloud consumption when deploying Anthos GKE in an Equinix data center within the same geographic metro as the cloud service, such as Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., or New York City.
  • Modern Apps Anywhere: With Kubernetes services managed by Google, you can modernize your applications on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Future-Proofed Investments: Build on Packet’s bare metal platform that’s designed to run across Equinix’s unmatched global footprint, with a consistent user interface view and controls across your on-prem and cloud environments.

With this solution, you can bring your existing Anthos GKE license and run it wherever you want in an automated fashion  ̶  on-premises or in an Equinix data center  ̶  and realize a hybrid multicloud application experience that is secure, scalable and ideally managed, anywhere.

Learn more by visiting Anthos on Packet.

Jacob Smith VP, Bare Metal Strategy & Marketing
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