8 Winning Entries Visualizing the Smart Nation of Tomorrow

Yee May Leong
8 Winning Entries Visualizing the Smart Nation of Tomorrow

Singapore is well positioned as a digital hub for the Southeast Asia region and has a long-established Smart Nation initiative to harness technology and stay ahead as a global city, improving lives and opportunities for its citizens. As key connection point for those operating in the country, Equinix is committed to playing a key role in providing the infrastructure needed to support this thriving digital economy.

With that in mind, we recently organized a photography and digital illustration competition in Singapore, that was open to two groups of people – young talent, as we seek to unearth and nurture fresh points of view; and Equinix employees, with the aim of inspiring our team to have a fresh perspective on their day-to-day. We invited them to capture artistic representations of the tangible and visible aspects of Singapore and the intangible role of Equinix in Singapore’s Smart Nation plans.

This competition celebrates creativity and showcases the talent of the participants. After a stringent selection process, that was based on the criteria of creativity, originality, the artistic and visual appeal, as well as the ability to capture an artistic representation of a selected category – People, Innovation & Tech, Data or Environment, here are the winners of The Singapore of Tomorrow competition. They will be printed and displayed at the Equinix Singapore offices.

Winning Entries – Student Group

Overall Winner

By Nicholas Goh Shyan Wei

Abstract: The Marina Bay Sands is made up of a 1-hectare roof terrace, Sands SkyPark, boasting three 55-storey hotel towers, which run on regenerative drives, saving 40% more energy than normal elevators. Furthermore, the escalators are designed to stop when not in use, and they resume when movement is detected.

Category Winner – People

By Goh Zi Ying Shanice

Abstract: It was heartwarming to see locals and foreigners, from all walks of life, gather by the city line to unwind and immerse themselves in an outdoor show of vibrant visual projections, laser beams, fountain jets and mist effects, alongside grand and magical music.

Category Winner – Data

By Nicholas Goh Shyan Wei

Abstract: The future of Singapore is to have IoT-enable lights all around the island, functioning as the ’nerves’ or ‘veins’ of the city, collecting data and sending it back to agencies. These agencies act as the ‘brain’ of the city, analyzing these data that reach them.

Category Winner – Environment

By Nicholas Goh Shyan Wei

Abstract: Marina One Residences is an environmentally friendly mixed-used architecture project that promotes sustainability through the efficient use of water. Rainwater is harvested and then used for toilet flushing and irrigation of the greenery surrounding the building, providing a highly economical and sustainable use of water.

Category Winner – Innovation & Technology

By Rachel Peh

Abstract: The idea of virtual reality fascinates me especially as a gaming enthusiast, as I am well aware of how the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly with each passing year. With a simple set of VR goggles, one could venture off into a fantasy world, completely separated from society.

Employee Entries


By Rajaneesh Kurup

Abstract: Solar energy is the most viable and sustainable renewable energy option for Singapore. With increased focus on clean energy sources, the days are not far before this tiny island will soak up the energy of the sun to power up this smart and vibrant city.

By Poh Lin Chai

Abstract: Something, Every day, Anywhere. There will be something that you will be using, every day, anywhere that is powered by IoT. The evolving innovations and technology have dramatically transformed how we go about our daily lives over the last decades. This piece attempts to showcase the inexplicable extent of how IoT has impacted our lifestyles in this modern age, the implicit (yet often forgotten) dependence we have on technology in almost every aspect of our lives.

By Edwin Poh

Abstract: I am submitting my image that I shot with a drone during the morning sunrise across Marina Barrage, Singapore. Although Singapore is a small country. The reflections of the city while calm, reflects the possibilities of the vibrant lion city.

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