Bringing Together and Interconnecting Digital Infrastructure

Charles Meyers
Bringing Together and Interconnecting Digital Infrastructure

For more than 20 years we have shared an amazing digital journey with our customers. From our early days of bringing together the innovators of the public internet on a neutral platform to interconnecting global businesses at the digital edge, we’ve remained in service to our customers as a trusted partner helping them succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Today Equinix Chief Product Officer, Sara Baack, and I updated a group of global industry analysts with the latest developments in our corporate and platform strategy, and how we are evolving our platform to power the world’s digital leaders. As the impact of digital technologies continues to grow in intensity across every industry, companies that put digital at the center of their business strategy have been pulling ahead, inventing new business models, evolving old ones and growing revenue faster than competitors.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed this trend massively accelerate within the enterprise as remote work, telemedicine, streaming video and online collaboration tools, such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, went mainstream in an instant – forever changing the way we work, learn and live our lives.

In a changing world full of uncertainty, one thing has never been clearer: every industry leader needs to become a digital leader.

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Gaining digital advantage

To compete and lead, companies today must be able to continuously adapt to changing customer needs, launch digital products and services globally with speed, deliver differentiated digital experiences and create value with partners in communities.

Regardless of where they are in their digital journey, enterprises are facing a universal challenge: traditional infrastructure was not built to meet the demands of digital business.

As computing moves farther away from centralized data centers to a distributed infrastructure positioned ever closer to important edge locations, hybrid multicloud is rapidly becoming the architecture of choice within the enterprise.  In contrast, most businesses are grappling with complex, fragmented global infrastructure that spans private and public environments. As a result, digital infrastructure must become increasingly global, interconnected and agile.

In order to build a digital infrastructure that overcomes these challenges and drives advantage, you need two key things – the right architecture and the ability to easily bring your infrastructure together and interconnect it on the right platform.

Enabling digital leaders

To help digital leaders implement the best architecture, our Interconnection Oriented Architecture® (IOA®) framework enables them to directly and securely interconnect everything they need to increase performance and scale, reduce latency and risk, and exchange data and applications globally.

By bringing together and interconnecting their foundational infrastructure on a single global platform, they can access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to succeed. Platform Equinix® facilitates their choice of multiple providers, distributed geographies and hybrid multicloud architectures, empowering them to assemble the best infrastructure building blocks to advance their business ambitions.

You can see these dynamics in action across our nearly 10,000 customers spanning across 26 countries. For example, with digital traffic surging worldwide during the global pandemic, Platform Equinix has played a critical role in helping customers such as Dropbox, Netflix and Zoom ramp up their capacity to meet the exceptional increases in demand for their services.

Accelerating digital infrastructure

As businesses around the world continue to place their trust in us to help them compete in a digital world, we are continuously expanding our reach, strengthening our ecosystem and making it easier to access our value to meet their growing needs.

  • To get digital leaders to all the right places, we built the industry’s largest global footprint of over 210 data centers on five continents – enabling them to place infrastructure wherever they need it. This includes locating physical and virtual infrastructure adjacent to public clouds and networks to create best-of-breed hybrid multicloud architectures. And it includes deploying this infrastructure in close proximity to the customers in geographies and locations that matter most to their business.
  • To connect digital leaders to all the right partners, we created a rich, global ecosystem of nearly 10,000 companies including 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud and IT service providers. This is where businesses can seamlessly connect to everything they need to succeed. Our growing portfolio of physical and virtual interconnection services gives customers easy access to this dynamic global ecosystem. As both ecosystem suppliers and consumers on Platform Equinix, customers can gain a network effect that continuously compounds their value.
  • To enable digital leaders to seize all the right possibilities, we’ve designed our platform to increase their agility, speed and confidence. Businesses can accelerate the delivery and consumption of digital services at global scale, unlock new capabilities and achieve higher performance at a lower cost. A global force of trusted solutions architects and engineers is there to help them build their leadership, while APIs and online tools make customizing their infrastructure and doing business a seamless, click-and-configure experience.

A new way forward

Today’s businesses are searching for a better way. They want one platform to fuel their digital leadership – one that brings together and interconnects the foundational infrastructure they need to create a digital advantage. The global reach, vibrant digital ecosystems, interconnection leadership and unmatched trust we have built over the years uniquely position us to answer this need.

As we move forward in service to our customers as the world’s digital infrastructure company, we remain committed to helping digital leaders harness our trusted platform to power their success.

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